Jeff Fisher Sent All Six Players Acquired From RGIII Trade For Coin Toss Versus Redskins

Sports and Bets — December 8, 2014 at 9:49 am by

St. Louis Rams’ Head Coach Jeff Fisher made an awesome move to send out all six players acquired as a result of the ridiculous trade they made with the Redskins, so that the Redskins could draft Robert Griffin III. I absolutely love this move, as I’ve always been one to argue that sportsmanship is for pussies. (Kidding, kind of, but not really).

Those players include Zac Stacy, Janoris Jenkins, Stedman Bailey, Greg Robinson, Micahel Brockers, and Alec Ogletree. That’s not a bad bunch of players to get in return for a Redskins’ bench warmer.

viaBleacher Report

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  1. That is so great!

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