Jays Plunked, Everybody’s Angry, and the O’s Pitching Is A Mess. Birds Lose 13-6.

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The Run Down

Another day, another dumpster fire.  The O’s got curb stomped tonight in Toronto, 13-6, to fall back to .500 baseball.  Bud Norris played the heel tonight, as he allowed nine earned runs on six hits.  Norris lasted a whopping 2.1 innings and he’s officially a disaster.  Rick Dempsey said Norris’ mechanics are all over the place; with an ERA of 17.42, I’d say the Dipper is spot on.  If Norris and the rest of the starters don’t fix things fast, the bullpen’s gonna start resembling a leper colony as guy’s arms slowly begin falling off.  The starting pitching is not what anyone envisioned and I’m already ready for Kevin Gausman to jump into this rotation.  (I also know it’s still real early in the season, but, damn, the last two games have been ugly.)


The Birds also continued their sloppy defensive ways.  Travis Snider misplayed, and then couldn’t find, a Dioner Navarro double, that turned into a triple on the error, in the second.  (That was a part of the six run Blue Jay onslaught in that frame.)  And Caleb Joseph airmailed a ball into center field on a Jose Reyes steal in the same inning.  It’s all making for some hideous, un-Buck, baseball.

The O’s would answer the ugly second with a two run third keyed by a Ryan Flaherty double, but they would simply be trying to play catch up all night.  The Birds never seriously threatened.  This one was a laugher.

But the game wasn’t without drama.  The anger started in the sixth when Oriole reliever Jason Garcia plunked Ryan Goins.  Then, in the seventh, Garcia threw behind Jose Bautista.  The ump issued a warning and the Blue Jays started hootin’ and hollerin’.  Bautista then ripped a home run to deep center and proceeded to show up Garcia by almost crawling around the bases.  I mean, shit, you coulda timed the guy with a calendar.  He was moving slower than Big Papi on crutches, slower than a slow motion turtle, slower than molasses running uphill in February…..you get the idea.

As he rounded the diamond, Bautista heard it from both Ryan Flaherty and Adam Jones.  Jones was particularly pissed off at the showboating.

It was old school baseball for a bit and it was fun. Kudos to Flaherty and Jones for sticking up for Garcia. I really don’t think Garcia was throwing at Bautista, I just think he’s struggling- big time. Besides, Bautista has a storied history of base path antics and douche baggery, so even if Garcia was throwing at him, I don’t care. In the following inning, Bautista remained true to his horrible personality by throwing to first on a Delmon Young single. Really? Here’s Jones and Bautista getting into with each other between innings. #IGotAJ10

Anyway, the yelling and anger took the focus away from the crap that was on the field.  The Birds need a big start form Ubaldo tomorrow night.

Other Game Notes

The Birds have dropped three of four to the Jays so far this year.

Cabrera, Jones, Young, and Snider each had two hits.

Steve Pearce went 0 for 5 and is now batting .156.  Ugh.

Ryan Flaherty is on fire. He was 1-3 with an RBI double and a walk.  He has hit safely in five straight.

Edwin Encarnacion’s second home run may never land.  Moonshot.

Next Up For The O’s

Same time, same place.

Jimenez (1-0) vs Sanchez (0-2)

Let’s Go O’s!



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