Jackass Hits Oriole Bird In Nuts, Bird Gets Last Laugh

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If you really want to mess with some poor guy who’s sweating his taint off just to entertain you, take your douchebaggery to a Chuck E. Cheese’s. You don’t pull this shit on the Oriole Bird. The Oriole Bird is a Baltimore icon, and apparently, a student of the martial arts. How’d that Bruce Lee leg sweep taste, slugger? The jabroni was arrested for his classless stunt, and I think that he should be thanking his lucky stars that the law intervened. Next time someone fucks with our legendary mascot, I say we let the Bird dole out some street justice on the perpetrator. Drunken pranksters, deceased Presidents, the Bird is an equal opportunity ass kicker.


via SB Nation & TMZ

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  1. As a former Chuck E. Cheese actor, don’t bring that nonsense in there either. Mascots are people too.

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