J-Tuck Kicks Off Preakness Celebration (Literally)

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The Maryland Jockey Club figured correctly that the most popular thing in Baltimore is the Baltimore Ravens.  So they got uber-personality kicker Justin Tucker to star in their new Preakness promotional video.  For horseracing diehards like myself, the Preakness needs no promotion.  It’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world and it’s held right here in our own backyard – you go to it, easy as that.  Plus, I love the smell of horse crap and money, so enticing me to show up to Pimlico on a day where some of the best horses in the country will be and then wager on them isn’t necessary, simply because the horses, the gambling, and the gambling on horses is already the star of the show for me.  But most aren’t like me and horseracing isn’t what it used to be around here as a whole, so getting J-Tuck involved is smart thinking.  The guy’s a game- winning machine and the people of Baltimore have loved him since day one.  Bingo.  Add Lorde as the main musical booking for the Preakness Infield Party, and you’ve got a guaranteed Preakness sell out; who cares if half the people there won’t even see a horse, much less bet on one, its big money for the MJC.

Enjoy the video.  Tucker kicking footballs and smashing stuff  while being chased by an out of shape security guard is mildly amusing and entertaining.  Dude may have the most personality for a kicker, well, ever.


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