I’ve Got My Frying Pan and I’ve Got a Pound Of Bacon. Now Take Me To The 1st Ever Maryland Bacon Festival.

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Hog is in the air this weekend, babes.  Some local geniuses have gotten together and decided to host the first ever Maryland Bacon Festival at Rash Field in Baltimore this Saturday, April 26th.

Personally, I love me some bacon.  It makes everything better.  Something as simple as bacon and eggs can be a fat man’s dream way to start a day and something as complexly layered and tasty as a bacon cupcake can send grown men and women into the lusty throes of sugar/salt passion.

To make a festival out of this tasty meat is long overdue and like a said before, a stroke of genius.

If your mouth has ever watered from the aroma of frying strips of pig, or if you’ve ever thought that bacon would go well with, well, everything, than this little fiesta may be the place for you to be this weekend.  Local restaurants,  including but not limited to, Ryleigh’s Oyster, Jimmy’s Seafood, Abbey Burger Bistro, and Bluegrass Tavern,  will be setting up camp and dishing out their best bacon concoctions.  Hell, they’re even going to have bacon booze there.

They’ll be some live music all day with bands like the Grilled Lincoln, Wise Eyes, and the Tommy McGee band.  Jimi HaHa from Jimmie’s Chicken Shack fame will be hosting the stage.  Remember this dope shit….

Sounds good to me.  Eat bacon til your head explodes and rock out with your limpy or crispy bacon out.

Tixs are $25.



  1. Sounds great, the bacon love is a very good thing.

  2. If I could have sex with bacon I would.

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