It’s Time To Talk About Keeping Ubaldo In The Rotation When Tillman Returns

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Since Ubaldo came to Baltimore, I’ve been as critical as anyone out there about his performance. For the majority of his time here, he’s been terrible. He’s deserved to be DFA’d ten times over, but because good old Peter Angelos is paying him, we’ve had to suffer through his performances.

And sometime this year I guess it clicked in Buck’s head that we couldn’t keep sending this guy out there every fifth day for a sure fire loss, and rather than release him, he went to the bullpen. But ever since Tillman’s injury, Ubaldo found his way back to the starting rotation, as he always does.


Except something’s different…



I don’t know what this mother fucker’s doing differently, he says he has better control of his fastball, but keep doing it.

And because during that time, outside of Kevin Gausman, who’s been great lately, Ubaldo has been our best starter. With Chris Tillman coming back, hopefully September 11th, the question becomes, do we keep Ubaldo in the rotation?

In a normal Major League rotation I’d say no. I’ve seen way too much of him to think for one second that he’s suddenly the guy that he was back when he started the All Star Game in 2010. But Wade Miley is so damn bad, at this point I’d do anything to get him out of the rotation.

I know the Orioles just traded for Wade Miley, I know he’s our only lefty starter, and I know Ubaldo’s been so bad for so long now that history will eventually repeat itself, but let’s be honest, there’s less than a month of baseball left, and you need the hot hand here.

I’m not sure either of these guys would make the postseason roster if the Orioles can get there, so until Ubaldo’s luck runs out, keep on sending him out there every fifth day and get Wade Miley back to the National League where he belongs.



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