It’s Time To Ask A Serious Question: Do We Now Officially Hate The Bengals More Than The Steelers?

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I know this question sounds ridiculous. I know in Baltimore it’s just code of conduct to hate the Steelers more than any other sports team. For the record, my most hated sports teams have always gone Red Sox, Patriots, then Steelers, in that order. And the Blue Jays secured themselves in the number 4 spot this year.

But hating the Steelers is as Maryland as loving crabs is, and I’m no different. But after watching the Bengals play for the last couple years, they’re becoming pretty easy to hate just as much. They play like a bunch of ass holes, and they act like a bunch of ass holes off the field. They’ve been terrible for so long, so they were never really relevant enough to hate, but now that the Bengals are a consistent threat to win the AFC North every year, we’ve all started to notice they’re obnoxiousness.

It’s plays like this, that are making the Bengals a hatable team:


And this:


And on a more personal level we have this:


So dirty hits and dirty play are becoming a trend in Cincinnati.


Then we have this postgame gem from Saturday night:


A real bunch of quality guys they have over there in the Bengals’ locker room.


As of now, I still have more hatred to the Steelers. But at least I have some respect for them. The Bengals have little of my respect, and deserved everything they had coming to them Saturday night.


Keep on being the Bengals.


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