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As Ravens fans we know all about recent post-season heartbreak.  Untimely turnovers, Evans or Cundiff.  Steelers D,  Manning or Brady.  Either the Ravens have beaten themselves or been defeated by the elitist snots of the NFL.   We as fans have felt robbed over the last few years.  I myself felt that the Ravens were probably the best team in the NFL for a few of those recent playoff runs, but they were never able to get over that hump;  never able to get to the big one. Even now, after an emotional win in Denver and the greatest football game in Ravens history, Brady and his gleaming offensive machine await the Ravens inside the cozy confines of Foxborough Stadium.  The Patriots.  The evil empire.  But it had to be them didn’t it?  No other opponent would have done the other justice. The Ravens know it and the Patriots know it.

Despite the late season let downs, the boys in purple have exorcised many of their demons over the past two years.  The Steelers have been in Baltimore’s rear-view mirror the past two seasons as the Ravens have claimed the division as their own.  Ou former team, the Colts, were demolished here in a playoff game that celebrated the legacy of Ray Lewis as well as propelled the team forward into the divisional playoffs for the fifth straight year.  Last week, Peyton Manning, a thorn in the Ravens’ side for years, was on the losing end of a dramatic, hard fought struggle that landed our boys back in the AFC Championship   Which, of course, led us back to New England.  The Ravens have beaten the Pats before,  in fact,  killing them in a playoff game up in New England.  But the way The Ravens lost in the AFC Championship last year makes it feel like they owe the Patriots one.  And not just by winning some regular season game like the Ravens did earlier this year, but by winning in this game, at Foxborough, same as it was last year, only with a different ending.  This is how the underdog Ravens can achieve that different ending and earn themselves a trip to New Orleans.

The way the Ravens are playing defense makes this win possible.  You can’t blitz Brady, no one knows that better than our DC Dean Pees, so dropping into coverage and playing bend but don’t break D is the way to do it.  No one does it better than this veteran defense.  If the secondary doesn’t let ’em get deep, and the 3 to 4 man rush can get some pressure, the Ravens can keep Brady and company within the 24-28 point range.  Allowing thei offense to 24 points is a win, believe it.

Offensively, the Ravens are clicking.  Keep Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce involved, and attack deep with Flacco and the speed demons.  If we can keep Joe upright and he can execute that 7 step drop deep ball, we have more than a chance.  The offensive line has been, and will continue to be, the reason for offensive success. Its cliche’ but its true.  Win the line of scrimmage, win the game.

Mentally, no team is tougher than Baltimore.  Many teams would have folded after that tough playoff loss last year, along with the injuries that piled up this year.  The Ravens have battled through truamatic personal losses the past two seasons, as well as coaching upheavals.  Yet here they still stand.  With Lewis and Flacco leading the way, this team has a deep belief in itself and, dammit, so do I.  New England doesn’t intimidate Baltimore.  No man in Uggs intimidates anyone from Baltimore.

Nationally every one has been talking about how the Broncos lost the game last week more than how the Ravens won it. But the miracle that occurred in Denver was actually justice.  The Ravens outplayed Denver and found themselves in the hole due to two major gaffes on special teams.  The F-Bomb was just an equalizer.  In overtime the Ravens wore the Broncos out and made them pay. This week there will be no more special team gaffes. This week there will be a team on a mission visiting New England.  That team will complete the next step of that mission.  That team is the Ravens.  This is it.  This is our time.


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