It’s Time For This Week’s Power Rankings; How Pathetic Are The Ravens?

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Okay, so the Ravens looked Pathetic on offense in Week 1, and pathetic on defense in Week 2. I’m still not ready to abandon ship though. Two road loses aren’t the end of the world, even if one was to a bad team. After starting as the number four team in my Preseason Power Rankings, the Ravens slipped to ninth last week. But how are they stacking up against the rest of the league in this week’s Rankings?


*I don’t buy into the whole idea that if you’re 2-0 you have to be ranked higher than a 0-2 team. Power Rankings are supposed to indicate who the best teams are, not who has the best record.


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1. New England Patriots 2-0 (+1 from last week)- I hate everything about this, and I still don’t think they have the defense to win back to back Super Bowls, but it’s hard to say anyone’s a better team than them right now.

2. Green Bay Packers 2-0 (-1)- Love the Pack, but the Pats’ offense is just playing out of their minds right now.

3. Cincinnatti Bengals 2-0 (+2)- The Bengals have two impressive wins under their belts and look to be AFC North favorites.

4. Arizona Cardinals 2-0 (+8)- Looks like everyone, including me, was underestimating the Cards as usual, but they look for real right now. If they stay healthy they might be a Super Bowl contender.

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5. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 (+2)- After a strong performance blowing out the Niners, the Ravens have some catching up to do in the division.

6. Denver Broncos 2-0 (+0)- The Broncos really impressed me going on the road on a short week and getting a division win.

7. Seattle Seahawks 0-2 (-4)- The Hawks right now have to still be considered a playoff candidate, but a couple more loses and that could change.

8. Buffalo Bills 1-1 (-4)- The Bills had a tough division loss at home, but they still kept it close with the Patriots.

9. Kansas City Chiefs 1-1 (-1)- Should be 2-0, but the Chiefs will still contend for a playoff spot.

10. Dallas Cowboys 2-0 (+3)- Gotta feel sorry for the Cowboys after their injury problems.

11. New York Jets 2-0 (+13)- Biggest jump of the week, but the Jets are 2-0, and not looking horrible.

12. Carolina Panthers 2-0 (+6)- The Panthers will have a better record than they should because of the weak division they play in.

13. Baltimore Ravens 0-2 (-4)- The Ravens could easily be 2-0, but they’re not getting it done in the clutch, and don’t look like the Super Bowl contender we thought they would be.

14. Indianapolis Colts 0-2 (-4)- Baby lotion soft.

15. San Diego Chargers 1-1 (+0)- The Chargers look to be a typical Chargers, high potential, underachieving team.

16. Atlanta Falcons 2-0 (+4)- The Falcons may at some point make me a believer, but not quite yet.

17. St. Louis Rams 1-1 (-6)- I really thought the Rams had turned a corner, but losing to the Redskins in abysmal.

18. Minnesota Vikings 1-1 (+8)- The Vikings looked a lot more like the team we thought they’d be this year.

19. San Francisco 49ers 1-1 (-3)- The Niners looked a lot different in Pittsburgh than they did in Week 1.

20. Detroit Lions 0-2 (-1)- The Lions aren’t gonna be better off without their starting quarterback.

21. Houston Texans 0-2 (+0)- The Texans have potential, but still no quarterback.

22. Miami Dolphins 2-0 (-5)- The Dolphins lost to a terrible Jags team.

23. Philadelphia Eagles 0-2 (-9)- The Eagles are absolutely terrible right now.

24. Cleveland Browns 1-1 (+4)- With Football slinging the rock, anything’s possible (not really).

25. Oakland Raiders 1-1 (+4)- Fuck the Raiders this week.

26. Chicago Bear 0-2 (-3)- I’m such a sucker for the Bears that it hurts.

27. New York Giants 0-2 (-5)- Three years in a row starting 0-2.

28. Tennessee Titans 1-1 (-1)- No shame in losing to Johnny Football.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-1 (+3)- The Bucs got a division road win this week, and there’s something to be said for that.

30. Washington Redskins 1-1 (+1)- We’ll see what the Redskins can do on a short week against a division rival on Thursday night.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1 (-2)- Big division win for the Jags.

32. New Orleans Saints 0-2 (-6)- the Saints just lost to Crab Legs at home.

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