Its Time for the Terps to Kick Some Buckeye Ass

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As jacked up as I was for last week’s win over Indiana, that game is now long over, and so is our time to celebrate it. This week is one of the season’s biggest games for our beloved Terps. It’s the kind of game you circle in red pen as soon as the schedule comes out. Maryland, in their inaugural Big Ten home game, will take on the Ohio State Buckeyes at high noon today. If this doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what does.

Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes come to town 3-1, and ranked #20 in the nation. Because they are a top 20 team, and they are THE Ohio State, this is a huge game. But don’t let their ranking, and the hype around the Buckeyes being the Buckeyes deceive you, they ain’t all that. None of their wins are what you would consider high quality (Navy, Kent State, and Cincinnati). Ohio State also lost a home game to Virginia Tech. Ohio State is a good team and this could be a huge win for Maryland, but let’s not put the Buckeyes on a pedestal that they don’t deserve. This is a home game for Maryland, and I think there’s a good chance the Terps go out and kick some Buckeyes ass.

Maryland starting quarterback C.J. Brown, who left the game early in Indiana injured, may not be ready to go Saturday. C.J. Brown is an experienced, dual threat quarterback, who between passing and rushing has 12 TD’s on the season.  C.J. is the Terps starter for a reason, and we want him on the field. But if he can’t go Saturday,  it still doesn’t change my opinion on the Terps’ chances to win this football game. Junior QB Caleb Rowe has some experience, and he’s played pretty well in those opportunities. Rowe isn’t a running QB like Brown, but he may be the better passer. After entering the game in Indiana last week Rowe completed 12 of his 18 attempts and had 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. With the Terps receiving core as one of the team’s major strengths, having a guy who can sling the ball a little bit certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Regardless of who’s under center Saturday, I think the Terps have a good chance at giving the home fans a win. The Maryland Defense, which has been very good most of the season, will handle the Buckeye offense. Look for Maryland’s receivers to make a couple of spectacular plays that end up being difference.

Someone needs to tell these Buckeyes they better…


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