It’s Time For The Orioles To Move On From Brian Matusz

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It’s time for the Orioles to see what they can get on the trade market for relief pitcher Brian Matusz. At this point, it’s going to be far from a king’s ransom, but I’ll take just about anything. I just can’t watch him in an Orioles uniform anymore. I’ve been barking up this tree since the beginning of the season, but now more than ever it seems like a departure from Baltimore is best for both parties.

Matusz went from a top of the rotation starting prospect, to a great left-handed specialist out of the bullpen. But now, Matusz just can’t seem to get the job done in big situations. For example, he came in the game last night when the Orioles were trailing 2-1, with two outs in the eighth inning.  Back-to-back lefties were due up for the Astros, so of course Buck turns to the guy who’s job it is to get lefties out. Matusz proceeded to walk the first batter, and allow a two-run hit to the second batter, before coming out of the game after failing to record an out. After his emergence as a dominant left-handed specialist in 2012, Matusz’s effectiveness has only seemed to drop.

Matusz’s stat line fails to paint an accurate picture of how he has pitched this year. His 1-2 record, with a 3.18 ERA suggest that he’s pitched fairly well. And I’m definitely not saying Matusz has been downright awful by any means. But he has zero holds on the year, and has been brought in many times with men on base, and far too often has failed to get the Orioles out of the inning. Back to last night, when Matusz came in, he allowed two runs to score, however the runs were charged to Tommy Hunter. Matusz’s stat line was unaffected by his poor performance last night, but the game got out of hand because he couldn’t do what Buck needed him to. It just seems like every time Matusz is brought into a big time situation, he can’t produce. His good ERA however will help to keep a decent trade value.

Most of Matusz’s finer work has been done with no one on base. Opponents are hitting .212 off of him with no men on. But as soon as a runner is on base, that number jumps to .250, and .667 with the bases loaded. This tells me that he can’t be trusted in big situations.

Matusz has pitched in 33 at bats against righties this year. He has walked the batter 10 times. Righties have a .409 on-base percentage against him, a number which is just downright terrible. More than 4 out of 10 right handed batters he faces get on base.

And of course, we have the recent “foreign substance” cheating scandal, which certainly isn’t helping Matusz’s cause. Unfortunately he’s only suspended eight games though, and not for the rest of the season, because I’m sick of watching him take the mound.

I can see Matusz still having a successful big league career. He could easily be the next Jake Arrieta, and find success elsewhere. I just don’t think he’ll ever have true success here in Baltimore. As a prospect who was once thought to be the future ace of the Orioles’ staff, Matusz has far from lived up to that expectation, and the time to cut ties with him is now.

But for the time being, at least he can still get David Ortiz out without any effort.


  1. Man. Tough write up. Problem is, what can you get for him and where do you find left handed bullpen help?

  2. Man. Tough write up. Problem is, what can you get for him and where do you find left handed bullpen help?

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