It’s Still A Possibilty Matt Wieters Comes Back To The Orioles On A One-Year Deal

Sports and Bets — January 22, 2017 at 11:06 am by




I’d be really surprised if this happened, and it’s honestly kind of rock bottom for Wieters if it does. The guy would go from wanting a big multi-year deal to accepting a one-year deal to split time, and potentially even be a back up.

I’m not sure exactly what the market looks like for Wieters at this point, but clearly it’s not great, and he’s running out of teams that need a catcher, now that the Braves have signed Kurt Suzuki. So from this, it seems like a one-year deal for Matt Wieters would likely be rather affordable.

From the Orioles standpoint, on the field having matt Wieters back in a back up role would clearly be an upgrade from Caleb Joseph, and if they don’t mind chalking up a couple million to bring him back this year, the move would be very welcome. But it’s highly unlikely the Orioles are paying multiple millions for a back up.

But from Wieters’ standpoint, this wouldn’t make much sense at all, considering a one-year deal would put him back on the free agent market next year, and getting a start only once or twice a week wouldn’t exactly help Wieters get paid. His best bet is to find a team willing to give him a one-year deal to be a starter, hope he has a solid year, and test out the market next year. But for now, those teams seem to be dwindling.


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