It’s Preakness Week, So Giddy On Up And Make Your Own Black-Eyed Susan

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The Black-Eyed Susan is a flower and it’s also a celebrated horse race for high dollar fillies that is historically run the Friday before the Preakness.  Perhaps most importantly, the Black-Eyed Susan is also a delicious adult beverage, with a taste that says spring and an alcohol content that says, “buzzed”.  And now that Preakness week is upon us, it’s time to start drinking this delicious adult beverage and official drink of Old Hilltop with reckless abandon; because nothing says Pimlico better than a solid buzz from some Susans, and a pocketful of cash from picking stone cold winners.

Now, there are several different Black Eyed Susan recipes floating around out there and for some strange reason, the Black Eyed Susans that they sell at the track have turned from a proper yellow color (You know, since the damn flower is yellow, the damn drink should be yellow.) to some sort of  pinkish color.  I can’t explain why Pimlico would change the recipe of this classic cocktail, but it just proves that there are several different variations of the Susan. Our particular recipe is a classic one, with an added twist for all you crazies out there.

Keep it classy, or add the bourbon float for slightly trashy- either way it’s liquid gold.  (We recommend the floater.  It tastes better and it adds maximum effect.)

The Black Eyed Susan


First, put pourers on your liquor bottles so you can make it like a pro.

Second, fill a glass with ice.  (This recipe is for a 12 oz. glass.)

Third, start pouring.  Remember,  1.5 oz. is a three second count, and  0.75 oz.. is a slow one second count.


Don’t use rail booze.  Life’s too short to drink crappy liquor.

1.5 oz. of Vodka ( Your choice, but we prefer Stoli, Ketel One, or Grey Goose)

1.5  oz. of Light Rum (Again, your choice, but Bacardi Silver works)

0.75  oz. Triple Sec

Splash of Lime Juice

Pour the above ingredients over cubed ice and top with two parts Orange Juice and one part Sour Mix ( Again, this is for a 12 oz. glass), but leave some room at the top for the floater.

Now, the floater is the special part that makes our Black Eyed Susan stand above all the other variations.  Without the floater, your Susan ain’t proper, hon.

Float a shot of Bourbon (Jim Beam, or Old Grand-Dad, or Maker’s Mark) on top of the drink and down the straw.

Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice.

Bingo, you are now officially celebrating Preakness week. Now go place your bets.

black eyed susie

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