It’s Over

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It has been an exhausting week for the people of Boston.  After enduring a week of bombings, shootouts and a city lockdown, folks in the Boston area can finally breathe a sigh of relief after suspect number two, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was apprehended early Friday night.  Tsarnaev’s capture marked the end of the largest manhunt in United States history,  and it capped off an extraordinary effort by federal agencies, local authorities and common citizens alike.  Now authorities will attempt to find out why these two seemingly “normal and assimilated” immigrants would plan and carry out such a heinous act of terror.

So while a sigh of relief and celebration may be in order for all of  Boston and America, the unfortunate truth is that the infamy of the two terrorists’ deeds will ultimately outweigh the joy felt at their killing and capture.  Therefore we celebrate the end of this horror with a heavy heart while we grieve for those that were lost in this awful crime against humanity.

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