It’s Official: Maryland Basketball Is A Train Wreck

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I haven’t been writing about the Terps much this year because, frankly, there hasn’t been crap to write about.  The team has played poorly for Mark Turgeon this season and the theory that this team might be dangerous come tourney time is about as believable as the theory that the world is flat or that aliens built the damn pyramids.  Especially after getting drubbed last night down in Florida State by a very average Seminoles club.  Maryland lost by 24 points last night in Tallahassee.  That’s right, 24 points.  After the twenty point loss up at Pitt and the six day lay-off, you would think that the Terps would have come in prepared, refreshed, and ready to roll.  In fact, the opposite occurred.  Maryland looked tight, flat, and uninspired.  With the exception of Nick Faust and Dez Wells, the Terps didn’t come to play.  Seth Allen went 0-8 from the field, Jake Layman continued his struggles, and the Maryland bigs were simply outclassed.  It’s ugly, and there doesn’t seem to be a quick answer to the current situation.

Despite the problems so far this season, I’m still willing to give Coach Turgeon the benefit of the doubt.  Now in his third season, Turgeon took over a program that was low on talent.  He’s recruited pretty well so far, and his 2014 class is a great one that is considered a top 10 class nationally.   What is disturbing though is that the kids he has brought in don’t seem to be getting better, in fact they seem to be regressing.  Jake Layman is all over the place, Shaq Cleare has not lived up to the hype, Charles Mitchell has gone backwards after a promising freshman campaign, and the point guard situation is a fucking mess. Dez Wells is a real nice player, but he’s played out of position a ton and at times he tries to do too much.  Bottom line is that the Terps aren’t finding enough offense, and they are weak inside.  It’s possible the Terps just aren’t as talented as we, or they, thought this season, and maybe this :super class” coming in will fix that.

Coach Turgeon won a lot of games at Wichita State and at Texas A&M.  He can coach.  Maybe the Terps can pull out few wins against some ACC opponents this year before the calvary comes next season.  Either way, Turgeon better hope this 2014 class is the real deal, because if they’re not, he won’t be coaching in College Park for too long.

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