It’s Official. I Officially Need An Official Medical Doctor To Tell Me What Is Going On With Breshad Perriman. Officially.

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The Ravens are in the midst of an 0-3 September shit-storm and their fans are in full panic mode.  The defense stinks, the offense is one-dimensional, and the team as a whole can’t finish.  The football stench is so thick in the air that some Baltimorons are even calling for Ozzie’s and Harbaugh’s heads.  And to make this mess of a 2015 season even worse, the Ravens much anticipated, and much needed, first round pick, Breshad Perriman, has been sidelined with a sprained knee.


Perriman was hurt on the first day of training camp – back then the Ravens said the knee injury  was, “not serious.”   Then, after it became evident that Perriman wasn’t coming back quickly, the Ravens upgraded Breshad’s injury to a sprain.  Then Breshad finally returned to practice, only to tweak his knee again in warm-ups before Sunday’s game.  (That he wasn’t even playing in.)  Now he’s sidelined again.

During all of this, the Ravens have been weird.  They haven’t kept their fans updated and they’ve remained mysterious when asked about  Perriman’s knee.  Harbaugh even said he had no idea what reporters were talking about when asked about Perriman’s status this week.  Really coach?  You’ve got no clue about your first round picks injury status?  Come on, man.

In reality, the Ravens and Perriman owe us nothing in regards to sharing Perriman’s injury information.  HIPAA and the injury report assure that. All the Ravens have to do is list Perriman as out every week and keep us in the dark on specifics.  But all of that is making everybody look bad.  Idiots are calling Perriman soft on social media  (most of these people have definitely never been injured playing sports, or have never tried to return to athletics from injury) and the Scooby Doo look is not a good one for the Ravens right now.  The team is 0-3, having Harbaugh drive the Ignorant Injury Mystery Machine though every press conference is stupid, and it has already gotten old.


Put Perriman in a press conference with a doctor.  An orthopedic surgeon from Med-Star would be perfect. Tell us what the MRI said a month ago.  Tell us what is sprained.  Is it the MCL, PCL, or ACL?  Are all of those L’s sprained, or are none of them?  Tell us why this is taking so long.  Explain this shit to us. That will be better for the fans, the media, the Ravens, and most of all, for Perriman.



And patience Ravens fans, when Breshad does get on the field, I think good things will happen.



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