It’s Bowl Time for the Terps

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The college bowl season has been underway way for some time now, and most of the games have been pretty entertaining. The Maryland Terrapins will have their chance to step up in the national spotlight Tuesday night at 10 PM EST, as they take on Stanford. If you are a little nervous for the Terps Tuesday night, trust me, you are not alone.

Maryland is a 14 Point underdog for Tuesday’s Foster Farms Bowl. That’s a lot of points in a bowl game.  While both teams are 7-5, don’t let the records fool you, Stanford is a much better team.  The Stanford defense is the 2nd best in FBS, giving up only an average of 16 points per game.  The icing on the cake in the match up is that Stanford is essentially playing a home game as the “Neutral” Location is about a half hour from Stanford campus.  If you’re already sick of hearing me talk about how good Stanford is just wait until the announcers get going tonight. I think Stanford has the obvious advantage, but that’s why tonight is such a great opportunity for the Terps to make a statement in the bowl season spotlight.

Maryland’s football program had a much better year than most anticipated in their first season in the Big Ten. Not many people are giving them a chance tonight, and coming out and beating, or at least taking the Stanford Cardinals to the wire in a close game, would be a huge victory (or moral victory) and recruiting tool for the Terps this off-season. While it won’t be easy, it is definitely possible for the Terps to make some noise in the Foster’s. Maryland gets one of the best playmakers in college football back in wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs missed the final three games of the season and adding him back into the lineup will certainly help stretch the field and cause some problems for that strong Stanford defense.  The other key for Maryland possibly winning here is for them rob come out excited and emotional, because Stanford may not. Stanford, who is used to playing in some big bowl games, is playing a bus ride from campus against a middle of the road Big Ten team. It would make sense to me that the Stanford kids might have a problem taking this game seriously. If Maryland can jump out and get after them early they may just shock everyone and upset the Cardinals before Stanford even realizes what happened. Boom. How you like them apples Stanford?



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