It’s B.S. That Papi Wasn’t Suspended, But Since He Wasn’t, Maybe Crush Should Smash Some Phones

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Babes that's one of only 312 land lines left in the world, take it easy.

Babes that’s one of only 312 land lines left in the world, take it easy.

Fuckin’ Big Papi.  Big Dude wasn’t suspended for his ridiculous behavior Saturday night and I had to watch his ass go 4-4 with a two run homer as the Sux took 2 out of three from the Birds.  His playing made a big difference in the game Sunday, but the O’s would have lost even if he had been suspended, simply for the fact that the Orioles couldn’t hit Lefty Lester.  But I have to wonder what will get you suspended these days if Papi’s tirade doesn’t qualify as a suspendable offense.  I guess just PEDs and actual physical violence are the only thing that will put you in baseball “time out”.  I also wonder what Ortiz would have down if he hadn’t been restrained.  Would he have shoved the Ump?  Probably not, but the bottom line is that he tried to show up a young pitcher and that strikeout is exactly what his fat ass deserved.  And by the way, who in the hell pays for the phone repair?  Write that check Papi.

A rough All Star Game hangover means that Davis should go smash some shit.

A rough All Star Game hangover means that Davis should go smash some shit.

Of course if you’re a Sox fan or an uninterested party to Saturday night’s shenanigans. the tirade was a classic.  Dude went off and it fired him up enough to go 4-4 the next day.  Just like Rage Against The Machine said, anger is a gift, and sometimes it can be a great motivator and spark.  With that being said, it might be about time for Crush Davis to start fucking up some phones.  Our boy has been in his worst slump of the season, and he needs something to break him out of this funk.  Maybe getting pissed off will get him to stop swinging at pitches out of the strike zone early in the count.  That’s his problem.  He’s swinging at garbage and the K’s are spiking.  I love how these experts act like all of baseball is suddenly pitching him differently.  (Hell I even posted that the ESPN dudes said he was getting more inside high heat in one of my own posts.)  The pitchers in the AL may be coming inside some more, but the bottom line is Crush is swinging at those inside pitches now, and he wasn’t doing that earlier this year.

So Chris, next time you strikeout, take a page from Ol’ David “Big Papi” Ortiz, go ape-shit and kill an inanimate object.  No discipline will be dished,  and maybe you’ll light a fire that will get you out of this bullshit slump.



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