It’s Almost Time For Us To Go Ape Shit Over Maryland’s Tax-Free Week

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Starting Sunday August 10, 2014, the state of Maryland goes all Delaware all over our asses, and lifts the 6% sales tax on items under 100 bones. The event lasts until the 16th of August, and is sure to make all of us spend all sorts of money on items we don’t need, just to save a buck or two. To be clear, not everything is exempt from sales tax, but if the price tag reads under a hundy, you’re likely good to go.


As much as I like to pretend I’m wise enough to not spend extra money on stupid things I normally wouldn’t buy, I too fall victim to this week of sheer bliss. I mean, how was I supposed to resist not spending 50 dollars on a great pair of Sanuks last year? That’s one quality pair of shoes that there’s never a practical reason to wear, but that fifty dollars with no tax saved me three solid George Washingtons, and in my mind that’s just money in the bank.


So let’s all max out our credit card this week, thinking of all the money we’re saving, only to pay it back twenty fold in interest on our next bill.

via Baltimore Business Journal

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