It’s All On The The Ravens: The Horror That Was Sunday, Kubiak’s Fail, and Flacco’s Crap Game,

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News flash! JJ Watt is ridiculous and cannot be single blocked. You would think Gary Kubiak, who was Watt’s head coach for three years, would have firsthand knowledge of that. Apparently not as Watt was allowed to wreak havoc on the Ravens offense all day.

I’ve witnessed some bad offensive performances over the years with the Ravens, but in recent years I can’t recall one this bad. I thought I was flashing back to last year every time the offense tried a running play, as there was zero movement from the offensive line. JJ Watt consistently was blowing up plays with his penetration and relentless motor. See if these numbers mean anything to you: 1.9, 2.8, and -2.0?   Those numbers are the yard per carry averages of the three active running backs for the Ravens on Sunday. That’s beyond pathetic and no team is going to win in the NFL like that.

Going back to Gary Kubiak, I don’t understand how someone who is usually very good at mixing up his play calling could be so bland and predictable. Way too often he called running plays on first down. The few times he threw on first down, it was unsuccessful, and then Kubiak would run on second down. I know it’s impossible to get into a rhythm when nothing is working, but that’s when you turn to your tricks to hopefully spark something.


To this point, I haven’t mentioned the dismal performance by Joe Flacco. I spent a lot of time around town yesterday and today listening to the pulse of the town after such a horrible loss, it’s funny how fast people are throwing Joe under the bus. Maybe he deserves it because he played like shit yesterday. 21 for 50 with three picks is just plain awful. But Joe had been playing some of the best football of his career the last few weeks going 64-94 with five touchdowns and only one pick the previous three weeks. How fast people forget when you have a bad game.

The entire team had a bad game. The offensive line was terrible, as Rick Wagner and Eugene Monroe left with injuries. The receivers dropped quite a few catchable balls, and had trouble getting separation from the Texans’ secondary. I mentioned already how bad the backs were in the game. Joe started the game 3-17, which is beyond belief. His mechanics once again were terrible, and he missed a ton of throws. Yes he was under immense pressure, but Joe needs to play better. That being said, I don’t understand why people demonize Flacco? Is it because he makes so much money? Is it because he doesn’t post the kind of stats like a Drew Brees? He had a bad game, it happens to everybody. Last week Aaron Rodgers went 17-45 for 185 yards and two interceptions, it happens to the very best.

Since Joe has signed his deal, let’s look at the other quarterbacks who have gotten paid. Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, and Colin Kaepernick all make in the area of twenty million a year. Some are a little below, some a little above. Matt Ryan has won nine games in nearly two full seasons. Alex Smith, the lowest paid of this group, has yet to throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver 15 games into this season. Andy Dalton has never won a playoff game. Jay Cutler is being run out of Chicago not even a year after signing his deal. Colin Kaepernick has been average at best this year with the Niners out of the playoffs for the first time in the Harbaugh era. Is there a quarterback on that list that has a Super Bowl win and an MVP? Is there a quarterback on that list that you would rather have in Baltimore? Not me, Flacco has more playoff wins then all five of those quarterbacks combined. Nowadays good starting quarterbacks make about twenty million a year, it’s market value.


I have more faith in Baltimore football fan’s intelligence. We understand that Joe Flacco is not a top tier quarterback, there are about six of those playing today. But Flacco is a winning quarterback, and to hear people bitching about him and calling for his head is asinine. Flacco is very rarely ever the reason we lose a game, and he is often a big reason why we win.

Overall the Texans just wanted that game more. They were much more physical than the Ravens, and it showed in every facet of the game. That’s two bad games in a row, though we escaped with a win last week, and the Ravens can’t afford to make it three. They already lost control of their own destiny, as they need to win and get help to reach the playoffs. I feel in my gut that this team is a playoff team, they just need to send the right version of themselves out next week.

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