It Was Monday Night. It Was Time For Delaware Park.

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After a long day at the office it was time for some gambling, so I drove up to Delaware Park and met Babes and CK for some wagering, eating and drinking.

I got there first and of course heading straight to the track.  But first I had to navigate the hordes of blue hairs who were lined up outside the main entrance, waiting on their bus rides home.  Where there are cheap slots, there is the omnipresent whiff of a used adult diaper.

But back to gambling. The strength of Delaware Park is its race track and simulcast.  The track and the surrounding barns look great and the simulcast area is massive with huge big screens that bring you live horse racing action from all over the country.  Right now the racing is live at Delaware Park so I dove right in.  In the 7th Race I foolishly tried to beat Stormin Monarcho, a horse who had just recently set the track record for Delaware Park at one mile. He of course ran away from this Monday afternoon field while I ripped up my tickets, mush style. But there was one more race to go.  The 8th race was a turf race at one mile and the number two horse was named Debbie’s Tude.  Debbie is my mother-in-law’s name and her Bawlmer attitude reigns supreme over the tiny north Baltimore hamlet known as Hampden.  I don’t even need to handicap this race.  Debbie’s Tude went wire-to-wire and won easily.  Cha-Ching.

debbie's tude


By now Babes and CK have shown up and it’s time to stalk the casino floor.  Babes is sick in the head when it comes to casino games so he had the honor….

Nobody’s going to mistake Delaware Park for the luxury casinos of Las Vegas or even a place like Maryland Live and Babes is a bonafide casino snob, but he eventually found a craps table to soothe his restless gambling soul.  When he threw down three $100 bills to receive his chips the other players and dealers looked at him like he was Phil Ivy walking into a one/two poker room.  So it goes on Monday nights in Delaware Park.

After Babes made a few dollars, it was time for dinner.  We ate at Legends, which is the resident steak house.  The place looks nice and you can bet the horses while you dine.  I did and proceeded to lose all my Debbie’s Tude winnings on cheap $5K Claimers at Mountaineer.  Stupid, but I wasn’t at Delaware Park for a fucking hair cut.

But back to the dinner.  The three of us sat at the bar and ordered a bunch of appetizers.  The braised beef sliders stood out as quite damn delicious.  The cheese steak egg rolls were also good. We then got a prime rib dinner and a crab cake dinner and split the whole kit and kaboodle.  The crab cakes were good, but not great, but the prime rib was excellent.  I’m not a big prime rib guy, but this stuff was good.  I would definitely recommend it.

For desert, Babes and I split a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake a la mode.  It was awesome and there’s nothing more manly than splitting some cheesecake and ice cream with another dude.

Then it was back to the gambling.  Babes went up on black jack and pai gow poker before giving it all back plus.  CK and I hit a horse late at Mountaineer but I lost that back tossing dice.  I walked out with seven bucks in my pocket.  No comment on how much I walked in with.

The service at Delaware Park was good too.   The dealers and pit bosses were all helpful and friendly, the bartender at Legends was on point, and folks at the betting windows were great.  I love it when the teller at the track wishes me good luck after I place my bets.  These guys and gals did it every time.

My only issue with the joint is that they made gamblers pay for drinks while at the tables.  That’s bush league shit.

But all in all it was a good Monday night.  Of course winning cold hard cash would have made it a great night, but there was plenty of action on the track and at the tables.  Plus we had a nice meal and some good drinks.  Bingo, babes.

Maybe next time we all go to a casino we should drive together and formulate a plan….



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