It Seems Maryland Lawmakers Are Kicking Around The Idea Of Taxing The Miles We Drive

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WBAL is reporting that Maryland lawmakers are thinking about taxing the miles that you drive in your car.  The vehicle miles travelled tax, or VMT, would force you to pay the State of Maryland for every mile you put on that ol’ car or truck of yours.  The rate could be anywhere from 1.5 cents to 5 cents a mile.

So for argument’s sake let’s say they push a 3 cent tax in Maryland.

Need to go to the grocery store that’s 3 miles away?   That will be 18 cents to the state of Maryland, round trip.

Driving to the beach from Baltimore? That will be $8.40 to the State of Maryland for the round trip.  (280 miles total)

Put 12,000 miles on your car every year?  (10,000 o 12,000 miles is about average)  That will be $360 please.

One possible way for the State to implement this tax would be for them to put a GPS tracker on your vehicle. Which of course, is just another way for Big Brother to watch us.

The ability to travel freely is something most Americans take very seriously.  The freedom of the open road is a beautiful thing.  Now the powers that be want to make us pay them for every move we make.  That fun weekend drive to the beach will cost a little extra, as will that mundane drive to the grocery store.  And from the looks of things, they’ll be able to track our whereabouts while they collect their tax.

This is not just a tax issue, it’s a privacy issue as well.  Where I decide to go in my car is not the State of Maryland ‘s business.  Besides, aren’t gas taxes and road tolls enough?

I’ll give our lawmakers credit, they are some devious and creative bastards when it comes to milking us for cash.

But there is no way that I will ever allow one these GPS tax trackers to be put on my car or truck.

I don’t mind paying my fair share to live in the greatest country in the world, but I gotta draw the line somewhere.

Stick this tax idea where the sun don’t shine, babes.




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