It Hasn’t Always Been Easy Being Orange. Being An O’s Fan From Why Not To Today.

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by DJ410

After 17 years of complete and utter baseball futility the Orioles have put together a “three-peat” of respectable and winnings years.  This 2014 Orioles team, with a ten games division lead in September, is looking more and more like the cherry on top of that three year winning sundae.
It feels like Orange and Black vindication.  I am of the age where there hasn’t been much to cheer for as an O’s fan.  The first team that I can remember getting excited about was the 1989, “Why Not?” team.  They were a solid team of young upstarts, whom the previous year had lost over 100 games and started with an 0-21 streak, which is still a record to this day.  But  ’89 would be different from that total failure.  The Orioles would make a push towards a division title and even though they would ultimately fall short of that achievement, they won back the hearts of their city.  One of my favorite highlights of that year is on the Orioles’ 1989 team video- yes, I own it.  It  shows us playing Boston with Roger Clemens pitching to Cal.  To quote Jon Miller, “A 3-run home run for Ripken.  Memorial Stadium erupts…….. 5-3, the Orioles are on top”!!
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The team, my beloved team, for the most part wallowed in mediocrity.  Sure, there were the winning and glorious years of the mid to late nineties. (I won’t go into my hatred for Jeffery Maier or my disdain for Armando Benitez for giving up that home run to Tony Fernandez.)  But being an O’s fan, for the most part, hasn’t been easy.  But we’ve kept on plugging along.
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I would say for about five to six years during these Oriole lean years (The early to mid 2000’s to be exact.), I would go on the Barn Bus for  every single opening day, usually with my father.  ( The Barn was a legendary pub and crab house back then.)  I would play my I-Pod, throw back some Natty Lights, and start the frenzied yearly futility with my patented opening day speech:
    “I’m not going to get up here and fill your heads with delusions of grandeur.  Bottom line – We are not very good.  Hell, we will be lucky if we are not mathemtically eliminated by Mother’s day.  However, today …today we have a chance to be great!!!  Today we have a chance to be undefeated.  Today we have a chance to be in 1st place!!!!  Now who is with me”?!?!?!?  Ah, the Barn bus, the best assortment of clam baked characters you will ever have the misfortune of meeting.
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But I digress.  Growing up, the Colts left when I was three.  Baseball was all I really knew or cared about.  Baseball was me and my Dad.  I would sneak my Sony Walkman (yes I said Sony Walkman) into grade school  and go into the bathroom, just to listen to spring training games.  I would then have to pretend like I was sick, because I would get caught up in the baseball action and listen to a solid 2-3 innings before coming out.
I don’t the kids around Baltimore shared my childhood enthusiasm for the O’s after so many years of them stinking.  The Ravens took the lime-light and ran with it – the Birds seemed like an afterthought to a whole generation. Hell, I would see more kids in Boston or New York gear than O’s gear.
But his team has changed that. The Birds are back and this town has O’s fever.  It’s great to see youngsters not wearing Red Sox or Yankess gear!  They are wearing Orioles gear, because it’s the cool thing to do. Camden Yards has big crowds, I see O’s hats everywhere I go, and people seem more excited about baseball than football for a change.
And for everyone that was, or is, a part of “Red Sox Nation” (especially those of you from here) we are enjoying kicking your ass in “Camden Yards-North” this week, you pretentious, self-righteous pricks!
And for all of you band wagon Orioles’ fans: come on over and have a seat, babes – Me and The Seabass have been keeping your seats warm over here  since 1997!!!
Go Birds!
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