Is Warren Buffet A Moron Or A Genius For His Crackpot Theory On Nutrition For Healthy Living?

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Warren Buffet is 82-years-old, worth 72.8 billion dollars, and has one insane theory on how to stay healthy.

Said Buffet, “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among 6-year-olds. So I decided to eat like [one]. It’s the safest course I can take.”

I want so badly to say this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. 6-year-olds have a low death rate because there’s almost no way to die when you’re 6. Your bones are made of rubber, you sit in a bubble in first grade all day finger painting, and the most anxiety you’ll ever have is trying to figure out how to make it to the shitter without taking a piss in your pants. But Warren Buffett’s a lot smarter than me, and eats ice cream and drinks soda for breakfast. Sure his body’s not exactly the epitome of fit, but he’s 82. When I’m 82, I’ll have wanted to be dead at least 42 years ago, cause nothing good happens after you hit age 40. Nothing. You hate your job, your kids are little fuck-stick teenagers, and you can barely get a boner without a doctor’s prescription. The bottom line here is Warren Buffett thinks he’s found the fountain of youth, and he’s more qualified than me to say anything smart, so I guess I have to listen. Cream soda and Reese’s all day everyday.

via NY Post

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