Is There Any Doubt The Benches Clear In New York Tonight?

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Spoiler alert, the benches clear tonight in Game 4. It’s a done deal.


The first pitch from yesterday’s game:


The Royals, being the typical Royals that they are, took offense to Synergaard throwing inside last night, and of course, never did anything about it except shout a bit from the dugout and whatnot. It was very Jose Bautista-esque.


Here’s the most annoying man alive, trying to talk shit.



So Syndergaard had the perfect response in his post game presser, not denying it at all:



Love it. Synergaard went on to say this, courtesy of USA Today:

“Yeah,” Syndergaard said, almost incredulous that anyone thought he was supposed to lie about the intent. “I mean, my first words I said to (catcher) Travis (d’Arnaud) when we walked in the clubhouse today is, ‘How do you feel about high and tight for the first pitch and then a curveball for the second one?’

“So I feel like it really made a statement to start the game off, that you guys can’t dig in and get too aggressive because I’ll come in there.”


Certain Royals, such as Alex Rios, Eric Hosmer, and of course Alcides Escobar talked to the media about how offended they were by it after the game, using words like “unprofessional.”

The thing is, you can’t play baseball that way, like the Royals have, for the last two years, and then get offended when someone does it to you.


Benches clear tonight, but not until late in the game. I don’t see a guy who has made 6 starts in his career for the Mets causing a stir, and I’m pretty sure Chris Young would rather lie down on the mound and die before throwing a ball at someone. Bullpen’s will get the job done. Someone’s getting beamed. And as usual, no one lands a punch.


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