Is It Time To Tank The Season??

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We’re heading into Week 7 of the NFL season, and despite Super Bowl aspirations, the Ravens sit at a pitiful 1-5, with just about zero shot to make the playoffs. It makes nothing but perfect sense to tank a season. If you’re not first in this league, you’re last, and there’s zero benefit to finishing with a 6-10 record. So should the Ravens keep trying to win games and stand for what they believe in, or is it time to abandon all football ethics and tank the season and score a definite top 5 draft pick? What’s the best thing for this organization to do?


Honestly, I had an entire blog written out about how the Ravens should tank this season. Then I thought harder about it, and then deleted it. Not this team, not this organization.

Since 1996, the Ravens have been about passion, pride, and most importantly, winning. Losing games intentionally goes against all of these things. Throwing games isn’t in the Ravens’ DNA, and I’m proud of that.

If the Ravens were a constant doormat, like the Jaguars or Lions, I’d say, yeah, go ahead and tank it. But the Ravens are one of the top organizations in the league, and they’ll find a way to bounce back.

This year sucks. Losing sucks. But the Baltimore Ravens have a history of winning, and this year is only a minor glitch in a phenomenal franchise’s history.


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