Is Anyone More Annoying Than A Red Sox Fan?

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No.  Red Sox fans are the kings and queens of annoying.  Especially  Red Sox fans that aren’t from Boston.  Have you ever noticed that the first words out of a non-Bostonian Sox fan’s mouth are, “I’ve always liked the Red Sox.”.  Which, of course, is a bald-face fucking lie because they never liked the Sox until they won the World Series in 2004.  Of course that’s when the whole damn country became Sox fans overnight.  ESPN suddenly began shoving “Sox Nation” down our throats like a fat bastard shoves cheese steaks down his. Suddenly everyone had a relative from New England.   Suddenly lily-white middle Americans from places like Montana and Idaho were rocking Big Pappi jerseys and talking in bad pseudo-Latin American accents.  Suddenly kids from Parkville and Catonsville were putting down their Oriole hats and putting red B stickers on the bumpers of their souped up Honda Civics.  It was gross, and it only got worse when Boston won it all again in 2007.

This is the kind of crap we're gonna have to deal with this weekend.

This is the kind of crap we’re gonna have to deal with this weekend.

This new “Sox Nation”, which had never existed outside of New England before,  now became an obnoxious, rude, cocky, and arrogant mass of red and blue vomit.  They invaded Camden Yards en mass, taking advantage of a worn out Baltimore fan base who had suffered with over a decade of awful teams, the first such bad stretch in Baltimore baseball history. A proud franchise had been decimated by an incompetent owner, and the Sox “faithful” invaded their vacant house.  This “nation” of bandwagon fans and true Bostonians didn’t treat the Yards with respect either.  Instead they turned themselves into the biggest group of assholes this side of Yankee stadium.  A once humble and lovable fan base became just another group of jerks.

It’s for this reason that I choose to hate the Red Sox more than the Yankees.  At least the Yankees have a real history of winning.  The base of the Red Sox bravado is a false one, a history of losing and near misses replaced by a string of recent successes and the myth of a long existing “nation”.  Trust me, nobody out of New England ever gave the Sox a second thought for over 70 years.  In fact, when it comes to the current teams in the American League East and winning history, the Baltimore Orioles are second only to New York, the Sox aren’t even close.

So go out to the games this weekend and take back our Yards, and tell that guy from Parkville to keep his Sox hat, now that we’re winning again, we don’t want his punk ass back.

Remember too folks, it’s just a game.  Have fun, be funny, throw a peanut or two, but use the beers for drinking and the hands for clapping.



  2. Completely agree. Born and bred in NYS, I’ve lived near Boston for thirty years and have been to many Sox-Yankees games at Fenway. Always thought NY, even NYC, was friendlier than Boston.

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