Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer, and People Drinking Them Pretending To Be Irish. It’s St. Paddy’s In B-More

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St. Paddy’s means green, booze, more green, and more booze to most folks here in Baltimore.  Sure, you can run the St. Patrick’s 5K and do other festive crap like that, but I’ll wager that most of you are gonna bypass the exercising this weekend in favor of copious amounts of beer and good ole fashioned corn beef and cabbage.  Soda bread anyone?  Bonus.

Anyway, we all know what this weekend will bring.  Yes, the pro drinkers will roll their eyes at the thousands of amateurs that hit the bars this weekend, and both pro and rookie alike will probably drink more than they should, but it’s all good, babes.  This winter has been particularly brutal, and with a 60 degree Saturday forecasted and a three day pass to make jackasses out of themselves, Marylanders will be ready to break out of their cabins and let off some steam.  Bring it babes.

Here are some of our favorite places to drink this weekend:

Looney’s Pub and St. Paddy’s in Canton:

Personally, this is my favorite spot on Paddy’s weekend.  Of course Looney’s is my favorite bar on the planet, so that figures.  Canton brings it every year with tents, bands, food trucks, good restaurants, and all around good times.  The best thing about Canton is that if you get sick of, or thrown out of, one bar, there are plenty of other drinking establishments right on the Square.  Looney’s Pub, Portside, J.D.’s, Nacho Mamma’s, Mamma’s on The Halfshell, Plug Ugly’s and Claddagh Pub will all be tapping Guinness and rocking all weekend.

Mick O’ Shea’s and The St. Patrick’s Parade

The St’ Patrick’s Day parade is on Sunday and it “steps off”  at 2 p.m.  Here’s the parade route:


Parades are all good, but when your tired of standing out in the cold and you need to get back to the food and drink, Mick O’ Shea’s is there to lend a hand.  At 328 N. Charles Street, Mick O’ Shea’s is the hub of parade activity.  Brick, wood, beer, and Irish, Mick O’ Shea’s is the real deal.  Get real Irish and enjoy a Bangers Sub.

James Joyce

James Joyce, at 616 S. President Street, has been at it all week.  Tonight they even have a personalized Guinness glass engraving for all you Irish stout heads who want to make your beer love-making/drinking even more personal.  James Joyce will also feature a tent with Irish fare and music with folks like Hal the Piper and Celtic Crossing performing.  Bonus, you’re also in Harbor East, which is a hell of a good time.  Plus, James Joyce has a lovely Irish Lamb Stew, and the place just looks great.



If you end up in Fells Point on this green of green holidays, check out Slainte Irish Pub.  Tucked right in on Thames Street down by the water, Slainte screams Irish.  Voted Baltimore’s best Irish Pub in 2013 by the Baltimore Sun, Slainte takes Paddy’s serious.  So serious in fact, that they do a “17 days of St. Patrick’s” celebration.  That’s right, they’ve been in Paddy’s mode for two weeks already.  Slainte opens up for your pleasure at 6 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day.  Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Au Poitin Still

Meanwhile, out in the county and up York Road, there’s a fake little Irish Village that happens to be a great pub.  I always liked this place, it’s got a cozy, I’m gonna get hammered in a nice environment, feel to it. Au Poitin Still will be celebrating with a tent, bands, good drink, and good food.  We recommend the Irish Nachos, the Shepard’s Pie, and the Irish Stew. Plus, they’ve got a fireplace, which could be a key spot if the weather sucks on Sunday and Monday.

Looney’s Bel Air and Maple Lawn

As biased Looney’s lovers we will be remiss if we didn’t mention Looney’s Bel Air and Looney’s Maple Lawn.  Looney’s Bel Air is the biggest and baddest St. Paddy’s celebration anywhere.  All the best cover bands, a huge tent, and just fun and mayhem everywhere.  If you are out in Harford county there is no reason to go anywhere else, that’s the bottom line babes.  Same holds true if you hail from Columbia.  Looney’s in Maple Lawn  crushes it with the same formula.  Tents, bands, and good Irish fun.  Bands like Kristen and The Noise, The Amish Outlaws, 2U, Tripwire, and Starcrush will be at both locations inside the bar and out in the tents.  Bonus: on St. Paddy’s Day they open at 8 a.m. and feature $2 Guinness.  Bingo.

Have fun, and remember, don’t be an asshole, find a safe way home.

Photo: St Paddy's Weekend is fast approaching babes.....


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