Iowa’s Coach Fran McCaffery Got Pissed When Asked About His Serial Eye-Poker Adam Woodbury

Sports and Bets — February 9, 2015 at 4:27 pm by

Here’s a quick recap on the bush league defensive tactics of Adam Woodbury. On January 20, he poked two Wisconsin players in their eyes.

And yesterday, he pulled the same gutless stunt on Melo Trimble.

This stuff is happening way too frequently for anyone with half a brain to think that they are accidents. Apparently, Fran McCaffery doesn’t have half a brain because he became indignant when asked about Woodbury’s eye-poking at yesterday’s postgame interview.

Because I said so? Fuck this pompous asshole. It’s one thing to defend your player, it’s another to act like a total dickhead when asked a completely legitimate question. I really hope Maryland gets their shit together and meets Iowa in the Conference Tourney. I need sweet redemption against this wannabe Stone Cold & Captain Insano tag team in the worst way.

via Deadspin & SB Nation
cover pic: KCCI News

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