Introducing One Of My Favorite Baltimore Artists, I Present Brad Blair

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At the moment, I’m all in on these bizarre sculptures from Baltimore based artist, Brad Blair. Not only was I intrigued as I scrolled through his ceramic work, but I’m also realizing that my level of creativity is on the fritz. I accept this fact, so I will just harass Blair until he sculpts me a personalized centaur/dragon hybrid…

From Brad’s siteI create detailed sculptural monstrosities to hint at the relevant issues of genetic engineering and biotechnology that are occurring in today’s world.  Monsters were and still are used to control, deter, challenge, inspire, threaten and seduce human beings in different situations. By using the power of the unknown and the mysterious, the visceral urge to touch and a high level of detail, I lure the viewer in and make them want to investigate and question. These works are primarily made from clay with other elements added to help convey concept.  They can be needy, invasive, harmful, helpful, curious, unpredictable, highly intelligent and oh so productive when ‘engineered’ correctly.




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Check out more of his work/hifructose



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