Inmate Named “Bulldog” Runs Baltimore Jail

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BSun A cabal of corrupt corrections officers and members of the Black Guerrilla  Family gang enjoyed nearly free rein inside the Baltimore City Detention Center,  federal authorities allege, smuggling drugs and cellphones into the jail and  having sexual relationships that left four guards pregnant.An indictment unsealed Tuesday names 25 people — including 13 women working  as corrections officers — who face racketeering and drug charges. Twenty of the  accused also face money-laundering charges.It alleges that Tavon White, an inmate known as “Bulldog,” took control of  the prison gang soon after his arrival in 2009 on an attempted-murder charge. He  is accused of building a network of corruption inside of the jail that both  enabled a smuggling operation and allowed White to manage gang activity on the  city streets.”This is my jail,” White said on an intercepted phone call, according to the  indictment. “I’m dead serious. … I make every final call in this jail … and  nothing go past me, everything come to me.”

Most jails are full of criminals that with the opportunity, will continue crime. So when you have an overcrowded, poorly ran prison, you create a criminal stomping ground. I’m not saying I would be a crooked officer, but they were getting new cars from the inmates. Are you kidding me, these guys are loving life. Besides being called “Bulldog,” this guy seemed to have a solid scheme. Bulldog’s biggest mistake, getting four guards pregnant. This probably took down the whole operation, four angry black women fighting over the same inmate baby daddy.

gang dog

Meanwhile, who is a bigger pimp than ol’ Bulldog?  He gets laid in prison. By women.  By lots of women. Only in Baltimore baby. In my opinion, you make this a reality tv show immediately.  You can never go wrong with jail, drugs, sex, and corruption.

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