Infamous “Dine and Dasher” Gets 5 Years For Latest Stolen Meal. Is That A Tad Harsh, Babes?

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CBS Baltimore-  The man known as “Dine and Dasher” for his repeated attempts to avoid paying for meals by faking illnesses will finally face some real jail time.On Oct. 26, 2013, 47-year-old Andrew Palmer ordered an $89 meal at Oliver Speck’s Eats and Drinks just before the restaurant closed.  When he got his bill, Palmer slumped over in his chair and appeared to be unconscious. Employees at the restaurant called 911. But when paramedics responded to the scene, they immediately recognized Palmer, who they each treated at least five prior times for false emergency calls at restaurants.

  Looks like a real solid dude…

We wrote about this guy back in October when he got busted for pulling this and we called him a “jerk off” and called his behavior, “bottom of the barrel type stuff”.  That much is obvious and Andrew Palmer has allegedly ducked out on bar and food tabs over 100 times.  He’s a complete mess.  But does five years seem a tad harsh to anyone?  I mean, damn, I guarantee you that there are convicted murderers walking around the streets of B-Town who did less time than that for committing, you know, murder.  Violent criminals are walking the streets with rap sheets a mile long, but not the guy who fake vomits after he eats a crabcake platter and downs a few Loose Cannons, he’s going away for half a decade.

Is this guy a multiple offender?  A general public nuisance?  Has he served time before for the same offense and never learned his lesson? Yes, on all counts.  But he doesn’t deserve five years.  Besides, after this last theft blew up all over the news and internet this guy wasn’t getting served a meal anywhere.

To me, the punishment should always fit the crime.  Give him a year and a half in the slammer and force him to eat Applebee’s carryout every day during his sentence, that should learn ’em.

Wait, that may be cruel and unusual, babes.

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  1. F-him, 5 years? good. Everyone else has to pay for meals, why the hell shouldn’t this guy. He won’t have to pay or dash for a lot of meals now. Bon-apetit bitch!

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