Indiana’s Best-Selling Throwback Jersey Is Johnny Unitas & That Pisses Me Off

Sports and Bets — March 24, 2015 at 6:55 pm by

Mitchell & Ness used their 2014 sales data to determine which throwback jerseys are the most popular in each state. The top jersey for Maryland was Cal Ripken, Jr. No real shock there, as Cal was a legend and that 1993 jersey is a thing of beauty.


What did surprise me, though, was that Indiana’s best-selling throwback jersey is Johnny Unitas. I know Indiana doesn’t have a lot of history with their two professional sports teams, but this really chapped my ass.



If you’re an Indianapolis Colts fan that takes pride in wearing a Johnny U jersey, you’re an absolute moron that I’d love to coldcock. Unitas detested the move to Indianapolis and cut all ties with the Colts afterwards. So you’re wearing the jersey of a man, who not only never played a down in Indianapolis, but also wanted literally nothing to do with your city. You slack-jawed hicks may have the Baltimore Colts’ history in name, but you will never have it in spirit.


via Deadspin
map: Mitchell & Ness

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  1. So true Johnny wanted nothing to do with Indy how are they going to wear that jersey he is 100% Baltimore Colt

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