In The Greatest Mistake Of All Time, Penn State Sent Jerry Sandusky A Letter To Renew His Season Tickets

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Slick, slick move Penn State, sending a letter to one of the most infamous child molesters in the history of the world, asking him to kindly renew his season tickets for the big upcoming football season next year.

Sandusky, you sly dog, you. Banned from campus and still finding a way to come see the kids.

Penn State may not be aware, but Sandusky’s a bit preoccupied for the next 30 to 60 years.

The formal letter reads: “Dear Gerald A, Congratulations on being identified as one of the elite college football fans in the nation. You have worked diligently to separate yourself by exhibiting unrivaled tenacity, character, and loyalty. Passionate and competitive, you are the leading standard of a first class fan base.”

I’d be a tad more careful describing Sandusky as passionate if I were you, Penn State.

Penn State issued a statement saying: “Clearly, a mistake was made and our database needs further updating and cross-referencing. This standard form letter was part of a mass mailing sent to approximately 30,000 people who have had season or single game tickets within the past four years, encouraging them to support the team and help fill Beaver Stadium for every game in 2015.”

As per usual, Penn State showing a total lack of remorse for everything, and didn’t feel it necessary to apologize.


Maybe Penn State forgot about this incredibly written book by Jerry Sandusky himself:


That’s a real book written by Sandusky, and that’s a real autograph issued by the shower rapist.

Aaaaand this is precisely why we don’t touch your filthy hands Penn State.


via CBS Pittsburgh

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