In Other Running Back News, LeSean McCoy Tipped His Server Like Shit

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Well, it appears LeSean McCoy is about the shittiest tipper of all time, after his visit at PYT this afternoon.


I’m no mathematician, but I’d say that falls a tad short of the 20% standard. Either his server Rob gave the shittiest service of all time, or LeSean is about as cheap as they come. Why even leave a tip? Either give him a sizable tip or leave nothing. This is actually a pretty funny receipt. The guy only makes millions every year. Take your two dimes and shove them up your ass, LeSean.

via Bleeding Green Nation

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  1. Tony Romo tipped me $0.00 (nothing!) When I served him n 4 others at the masters tournament! I’m not sure which is more insulting.

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