In Latest Creepy Wal-Mart Story, Registered Sex Offender Allegedly Has A Thing For Under-Skirt Photography

News — August 11, 2014 at 10:15 pm by

You know, just when you think Wal-Mart couldn’t get any weirder, a 50-year-old registered sex offender was allegedly using his cell phone to take pictures up a woman’s skirt while she was minding her own business shopping. A witness said the man would wait till she bent over to grab an item, and then sneak up behind her and take a snap shot. Way to be quick on your feet. If this guy worked as hard at an actual job as he did as a photographer of ladies’ undergarments, he wouldn’t have to be a regular at Wal-Mart.

The suspect’s name is Richard Lee Johnson, and the alleged incident happened in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday night. The woman whose taint pictures he wanted so bad was 54 years old. He could have just as easily taken the pictures of a much younger and far less wrinkly woman, but I guess you’ve got to work with what Wal-Mart gives you.



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