Impossible Game, Snow Joe and Brown, Clutch Jones, More Bad Refs, Sideline Karma, and More NFL Mess

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I ain’t ever seen anything like that before, babes. Was that Tecmo Bowl football or real life NFL football?  Well, you best believe that was real life partner,  and it may be a defining moment for this Raven offense.  There’s no doubt that Sunday’s Raven win featured the craziest last 2:00 minutes in NFL history,  36 Points, 5 lead changes, big plays, and questionable penalites;  it all made for a hell of an ending.  Winning the game makes it even more incredible, and it has the feeling of a game that could ignite a late season run, especially for our aforementioned offense.    Maligned all season, and for much of Sunday, the offense came to life in the fourth quarter as Joe Cool engineered two go ahead drives in the final frame.  Flacco, who had thrown three picks and struggled with accuracy in the crappy weather, found his rhythm by hitting Dennis Pitta at the now famous 2:01 minute mark (on fourth down no less) and by throwing an absolute dart to rookie Marlon Brown with 10 seconds left with the game winning TD.  Say what you want about Flacco, but the guy has ice water veins and his faith in his own ability and his teammates’ never falters.  He’s a winner, plain and simple babes.  And this crazy-ass victory may light the confidence spark that is so necessary for success in pro sports.  If this unit can just be a little better than average, the Raven defense is good enough (despite the meltdown yesterday) for this team to do serious damage in December and maybe even January.  Believe it.

Art Jones’ reaction was priceless.

Marlon Brown had never played in the snow before.  It’s like I always say, “If experience was a necessary precursor for success, we never would have landed a man on the moon.” That’s right, experience is overrated.  Brown stepped up big time yesterday, hauling in 7 balls for 92 yards and the game winning TD.   This kid has a very bright future, and he’s on the verge of breaking Jamal Lewis’ rookie TD record.  He now is tied with Jamal with 6.  This pic from the Washington post shows two down with possession.  For the win.

Meanwhile, how much does Jacoby Jones mean to this football team?  This guy pulls big plays out of nowhere on a consistent basis.  In terms of clutch, Jones reminds me of Eddie Murray.  Murray was as clutch at the plate as it gets, and Jacoby Jones has a knack for making huge plays at critical times.  Yesterday’s kick return, last year’s punt return in Pittsburgh, the kick return to open the second half in the Super Bowl, the TD reception in the Super Bowl, and of course, the Mile High Miracle.  Electric, big play returners and 3rd wide outs are often considered luxuries to football teams.  This guy is essential personnel for the Ravens.  He needs to be signed long-term.  After all the historical big plays he’s made. I can’t imagine Jacoby playing anywhere else.  (GIF, HuffPost)


Ray Rice looked great yesterday.  With 107 yards from scrimmage the Rizza was doin’ work.  He ran hard and was featured in the passing game with 5 receptions for 42 yards.  Rice had 22 touches overall and he was running with authority, especially in the 4th quarter.  If the holes get opened, and Rice continues running hard, look out AFC.  We’ll see how the run unit does Monday night up in Detroit.  Despite Lesean McCoy gashing the Lions for 217, they have a pretty good run defense.  It will be a decent test for the slowly resurging Rice.

Good to see Pitta back.  He gets the beast of the week award.

The refs stunk in this game, and honestly, Viking fans probably have legitimate beef.  The Gerhart fumble was not a fumble, so that sucks for them, but the pass interference calls are what they are.  The rule and the calls are inconsistent and absurd.  Everybody gets burned by PIs (just ask the Browns) and it isn’t fair to defenses.  But the NFL wants more scoring and the rules and refs aren’t going to change, so pipe down and take it like a man.  (Of course the next time the Ravens get screwed, I’ll be screaming up a storm.)

Did anyone else see the sweet irony in Antonio Brown stepping out-of-bounds?  Maybe Mike Tomlin should have watched the play on the Jumbo Tron with his back to the play while he stood on the field.  Then Brown would have had to angle in and probably wouldn’t have stepped out.  What a shame that it didn’t work out for them.

I guess if Peyton Manning could play in cold weather he would have thrown for 6 TDs instead of just four.  Time to put that stupid myth to bed.

Gronk is out for the year for New England, and that directly affects the Ravens.  One less super star to worry about when they come to Baltimore.  T.J. Ward’s hit wasn’t dirty, it’s where the NFL wants DBs to hit.  He can’t let Gronk waltz into the end zone, and he can’t hit high.  Ward didn’t have a choice.

Three games to go.  The Ravens control their own fate.  I can’t wait til Monday night.




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