I’m Officially Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid

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The season is barely a week away, and the O’s are about to sign Alex Cobb to a four year deal. What started out as one of the most sure fire failed offseasons I can remember, is now one that actually has me excited for the first time all winter.

First thing’s first, this offseason the Orioles should have traded Manny. Let’s just get that out of the way. He absolutely cannot walk away as a free agent and the Orioles get nothing for him. The only way they can right the ship is to either resign him (0.001% chance of them doing that), or trade him at the deadline, however we all know they’re going to say they’re making a run at the wild card and hold on to him.



But since last season ended, the O’s got rid of Wade Miley (5.61 ERA) and Ubaldo Jimenez (6.81), and brought in Andrew Cashner (3.40) and Alex Cobb (3.66). And they haven’t lost any significant bats in the process. Those starting pitching changes alone, accompanied with the fact that Chris Tillman can’t physically be as bad as he was in 2017, should account for at least a 10 win swing in my estimation. Plus you’ve got to figure Kevin Gausman will put together a more successful campaign this year, and of course the hope is that Bundy can transform into a front end starter.

Manny looks like he’s poised for a bounce back year heading into free agency, and Schoop looks like he will pick right up where he left off last year. The O’s also have a lot of young talent, and it will be interesting to see which players get the chance to make a name for themselves this year. Clearly Mancini has the potential to be a franchise player, and I’m looking for him to take another step forwards this year.

And there’s zero percent chance Chris Davis can be as bad this year as he was last. Like Tillman, it’s not physically possible.

No one has been more critical of the O’s front office than me. And I still think they’re a joke, and I still think they’re screwing up the future by how they’ve handled Machado, and now Schoop. But they told us they plan on competing in 2018, and I believe with the moves they’ve now made, the Orioles actually can do just that.


Ps- I’ve heard a lot of negative criticism on the Cobb signing based on the length and money given. What the hell do people think it costs to get a front of the rotation arm? Great deal for the Orioles and for Cobb. Just need him to stay healthy.


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