I’m All In On The Gamer Who Injured Himself Playing Candy Crush All Day For 8 Straight Weeks

News — April 14, 2015 at 12:17 pm by

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Live Science“A California man tore a tendon in his thumb after playing a puzzle game on his smartphone too much, according to a new report of the case. The 29-year-old went to the doctor because his left thumb hurt and he was having trouble moving it. He told doctors that he had played the puzzle game “Candy Crush Saga” on his smartphone all day for six to eight weeks. The man had played the game with his left hand while he used his right hand for other things, the report said. After examining the man and performing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on his hand, doctors determined that the man had ruptured a tendon involved in moving the thumb, and they said he needed surgery to repair the tendon.”

What an athlete. Just a tremendous competitor. 29-years-old and still in his Candy Crush playing prime. Most people played this game for a couple hours until it got too unbearable to continue, but not this warrior. I’ve actually never played it, which just shows how much more sad my life is than his. I mean, what am I really even living for? But he went all day for six to eight weeks, and that’s something to be commended. I mean if we’re assuming this man slept a healthy eight hours a day, then that would leave 16 hours of straight smartphone gaming, allowing for 896 hours of gaming in an eight week period. How much fun does that sound?! But just like any other athlete, if you’re dedicating your life to this craft, eventually your body will catch up to you. Let’s wish this man all the best, and hopefully he’s as good at playing with his right hand as he was with his left. I’d be heartbroken if he couldn’t continue.

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