I’m 50/50 On Whether This Mom Driving Shitfaced And Breast Feeding Is A Good Mom

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SourceVolusia County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a 33-year-old mother after they say she was driving drunk with four small children in her car. They say she was in her car breastfeeding her 2-month old child right before she failed their field sobriety tests… According to Thomas’ arrest report, deputies said the driver was sitting in the vehicle breastfeeding a small child after they pulled her over. Deputies said she had red watery and glassy eyes, her speech was slow and slurred, and in the back seat were three children ages 1, 3 and 4. In the front passenger seat, deputies noticed a full gas can. Deputies said during a field sobriety test, she was swaying and not steady.

Well it appears safety is a high priority in this woman’s life. Nothing like getting a solid buzz on before driving the kids around with a full gas can riding shotgun. Car seats are for pussies. Stick the infant straight on the tit and feed it some alcohol-infused breast milk and put the pedal to the floor.


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