If You’re Down The Ocean This Fall, You Gotta Check Out Surf’s Edge Deli and Pizzeria In Fenwick

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It’s no secret that we at charmcitywire.com love the beach.  In fact, we spend a ton of time there. What is a secret (sort of) is the fact that September and October is the best time of the year to be down at the shore. The weather is still great, all the businesses are still open, you can still hit the beach, and best yet, the big crowds are gone.  Locals call autumn the second season, and this second season is a good reason to pack your bags and take a weekend, or a week, down the ocean.  In celebration of the second season, we’re gonna do a series of blogs and suggest a few spots for you to go if, and when, you make your way down here.  We’re not talking about all the obvious joints.  I mean what can I tell you about Seacret’s and Fager’s that you already don’t know?  We’re gonna give you a few places that aren’t as obvious.  Today, in the first blog of the second season series, we’re gonna tell you about a deli and pizzeria in Fenwick Island called Surf’s Edge.

You know Fenwick right?  It’s just across the border into “no sales tax’ Delaware.  Surf’s Edge sits right on Coastal Highway in a strip mall called the Fenwick center. (It’s the bay side of the highway.)  The place has been around for 10 years but I first discovered it this summer.  I’m pissed it took me so long to find it because they are throwing down some proper grub daily.

Surf’s Edge features several subs, paninis, salads, and, of course pizza.  It’s one of those deli’s that features a lot of good-looking and  creative original subs and sandwiches.  It takes a while to make a choice because so much of it jumps off the menu at you.  But you can’t lose here because everything is good and of a real high quality. There’s beach love in this food babes.

When we went for the review we ordered the Rip Curl Salad, The Edge, The X-Factor, and an order of crinkle cut French Fries with gravy. They had me at crinkle-cut.  Nobody serves these any more and they are just awesome to take in. The gravy that comes on them is fantastic, and they’re very generous with it. No dry and lonely crinkle-cuts here.  They make a great sandwich compliment.

My Wizza (wife) ordered the Rip Curl Salad.  Surf’s Edge is famous for their salads and it’s easy to see why.  This field of greens comes piled with tomatoes, thinly sliced apples, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, sugared walnuts, and croutons. The apple, bleu cheese, walnut, bacon combo is a knock out, especially with the raspberry-lime vinaigrette drizzled all over it.  Rabbit folk rejoice!  This salad is bangin’,and that’s coming from a certified animal eater.  You know it’s gotta be damn good if I’m stealing it off of wizza’s plate.

Our friend got the X-Factor.  It’s their version of a hot Italian and it’s open-faced with fresh mozz, basil, and oregano.  Throw in some plum tomatoes and some oil and vinegar and Tony Soprano’s real proud.  This thing is a beast too.  They don’t skimp on the portions here.  Our friend absolutely crushed this sandwich, and they said they would definitely get it again.  Salud, babes.

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Meanwhile, I tackled The Edge.  Now let me start this off by saying that bread can make or break any sandwich.  If the bread sucks, forget it, the sandwich won’t cut it.  Well, here at Surf’s Edge they may use the best sub roll in the history of sub rolls. I don’t know where they get it, or what they do to it, but son of a bitch, this roll is outrageous.  And it’s always perfectly baked and presented.  Just slightly toasted but soft in the center.  It’s a French roll to die for, no doubt. Now back to the sub. The Edge is a cheese steak with smoked gouda, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pepperoncinis, pickles, mayo, and secret spices.  Dude.  This thing is the real deal.  And don’t go crying foul and screaming about gouda being on a cheese steak until you try this sub.  It’s quite possibly one of the greatest cheese steaks on the planet.  It’s definitely one of my favorite subs ever.  Fall off the chair good babes.

So take yourself  down the ocean for the second season.  When you do, make sure you stop on into Surf’s Edge, you will be happy you did.


  1. As year-round residents, this is our favorite deli! Must try!

  2. The cookie balls are a must have

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