If You Were Looking For Your Pet Gator, Its Been Located In Harford County

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Great news! If you are the person who misplaced your pet alligator, in has been found. It was dead, but found nonetheless.

SQW A five-foot long, 50-pound American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) found dead in Harford County on Friday is believed to have been an exotic pet, released into the wild when its owner could no longer care for the growing reptile. Not only did the alligator pose a threat to animals already living in the area, as it was free to consume native wildlife without fear of any natural predators, but it may also have damaged the local ecosystem itself by introducing exotic and potentially harmful diseases into the environment.

Listen people, don’t get small pets that will eventually become human eating dinosaurs. I’m sure they are real cute as babies, but no so much after they chomp off your leg as you’re sunbathing down by the creek. If you decide to get an alligator, have some decency when it’s time to get rid of it.

Beyond that, the alligator likely died painfully and in distress as it struggled to survive in a habitat to which it was unsuited and never meant to live. The best prognosis is that the large reptile died sometime over the winter or very shortly after emerging from the ice.

It is believed that there probably isn’t anymore gators running around the area, but I’m a skeptic. This bad boy was found in Forest Hill, late last year

No room for gators in MD

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On a side note, anyone buying that this is a shark?



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