If This Offense Keeps Up Davis and Machado Will Shatter Oriole Records

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I know it’s only June 3rd, and I also know that it’s extremely difficult for hitters, even professional ones,  to keep their stats up over an entire season, but Chris Davis and Manny Machado are on pace to rewrite the Orioles’ record books.  Davis, if he were to keep his numbers at this level, would finish the year with the greatest single season in Orioles’ history.  Assuming his torrid pace continues, and assuming that Davis’ average remains above .340, Chris would finish the year with team records in average, home runs, slugging, OBS, extra base hits, and total bases.  Machado also has a shot at the single season team batting average record, as well as the records for hits and doubles.  Manny remember, is only 20, and I’m not sure if that’s an advantage or a disadvantage for the second half of the season, but if he can pull off any of these records at this age, just imagine what he’ll be doing when he hits his prime.

So below we’ve listed the 10 single season team records that are  in danger of being broken by these two sluggers.  Keep in mind all of these figures are post -1954 (that’s when the modern-day Orioles moved to Baltimore from St. Louis.)  Also notice that Palmiero, Murray, Ripken, and both the Robinson’s own exactly none of these single season records ( freakin’ weird), and that Brady Anderson, Miguel Tejada, and Jim Gentile appear on the list twice.  In fact Jim Gentile’s incredible 1961 season seems forgotten at times, but that’s another blog for another time.  So here we go, below we’ll list the stat and the record holder.  Then we’ll  give you Davis’ or Machado’s current number and what number they are on pace to finish the season with. Then of course we’ll comment.  Got it?  Good.


It's kinda fucked up that we're not on this list man.

It’s kinda fucked up that we’re not on this list man.


1. Batting Average (.340 Melvin Mora, 2004)  Davis is batting .357 and Machado .327.  Both have a shot at this mark, but due to age and experience it’s more realistic to think that Davis can pull it off.  He’s hitting to all fields and seeing pitches so well right now, that it’s hard to imagine that he won’t be at least close.

2. Hits (214 Miguel Tejada, 2006)  Manny Machado has 80 hits already.  He’s on pace for 227.  I’m not going to say he can’t do it, but damn it’s gonna be tough.  Whether it’s this year or not, I have a feeling that one day this record will be his.

We sucked, I had to do steroids.

We sucked, I had to do steroids.

3. Slugging (.646 Jim Gentile, 1961)  Chris Davis is at .754 right now.  Jim’s record is in big trouble.

4. OBS (1.069 Jim Gentile, 1961)  Davis is at 1.194.  See above.

Ol' Jimbo deserves more credit.

Ol’ Jimbo deserves more credit.

5.  Doubles ( 56 Brian Roberts, 2009)  Manny has a league leading 25 doubles, he’s on pace for 71 for the year, which is just obscene.  The record for most in a season ever is 67 (Earl Webb 1931).  I’ll bet this number tails off for Manny a little as he hits more home runs.

6.  Runs ( 132 Roberto Alomar, 1996)  The ’96 squad was a scoring machine and Alomar was one of the best players in baseball.  Davis has 43 and is on pace for 126.  I don’t know if the bottom of the order gives enough for him to break it.

7.  Extra base hits (92 Brady Anderson, 1996) Davis has 39 and projects for 110 extra base knocks.  I think he gets it done.

8.  Total bases ( 369 Brady Anderson, 1996)  Brady was a beast in ’96, but he wasn’t the Hulk.  Davis gets this one too.

We were good, I had to do steroids.

We were good, I had to do steroids.

9.  RBIs  (150 Miguel Tejada, 2004)  Tejada put together 4 consecutive seasons of incredible baseball.  Davis is projected for 148 RBIs and this one’s going to be close.

10.  Home Runs (50 Brady Anderson, 1996)  No offense to Brady, but his name looks weird at the top of the single season home run list.  It’s time to put a true slugger at #1.  Hopefully “Crush” is that guy, he already has 20 and is on pace for 56 this season.

Records were made to be broken, and personally I hope all of these records get shattered this very year.  But whether or not any of these records fall this year, it’s pretty obvious that Manny Machado and Chris Davis are becoming special players.  Throw in the likes of Adam Jones, Nate Mclouth, Nick Markakis, Matt Wieters, and JJ Hardy and this offense looks extremely dangerous from top to bottom.  Let’s Go O’s.




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