If The O’s Are Serious About Landing Cespedes, They’re Gonna Have To Do Better Than Their Reported Offer

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5 years and 75-90 million? That’s 15-18 million per year, and is very unlikely to land a player of Cespedes’ caliber. Pablo Sandoval signed for a higher deal last offseason with Boston, and is a chump compared to Cespedes. Earlier this offseason, MLB Trade Rumor’s Tim Dierkes predicted Cespedes to land a 6 year, $140 million contract, which is slightly above a $23 million per year deal, and includes one more year.

However, it is worth noting that the offseason is dwindling down, and Cespedes will likely be pushing to sign sooner than later, and without a clear cut market for him, a team could potentially land him at a lower price than predicted. It’s possible the Orioles are either making this offer because there aren’t a bunch of offers headed Cespedes’ way, and hopefully the O’s could luck out land him at a bargain. Or it could be a low ball offer with room to negotiate. Or it could just be a move to try to push Davis into signing a deal with us.

At this point I think it will still take at least around $20 million per year to sign Cespedes, and I hope the Orioles are willing to go that high. Cespedes is a superstar, and in all honestly I think he’s a better overall player than Davis. Per Baseball Reference, Cespedes hit .291, with 35 homers and 105 RBI last year, in time split between Detroit and New York. Both of these ball parks are bigger than Camden Yards, so those home run numbers could be closer to 40 if Yoenis chooses to be an Oriole. These are numbers that could be talked about in an MVP race.

After all, number 52 has been kind to this town.

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