If The Orioles Don’t Sign Chris Davis, Then Well, They Just Don’t Give A Damn.

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Since the start of the 2012 season, Orioles slugger Chris Davis has hit 159 home runs.  In case you were wondering, that’s an average of 39.75 home runs a year.  Two of the last three seasons, Davis has led the Major Leagues in home runs. The only Oriole to previously lead the Majors in home runs was Frank Robinson, and if memory serves, Frank was pretty damn good. Even more impressive is the fact that Chris Davis is the only Oriole to ever hold the home run crown twice. Chris Davis has historic power and his bombs and “wave ’em bye-byes,” are a lot of fun to watch here in Baltimore.

And it feels like the Orioles are going to let him walk.  His last game felt like a farewell, complete with standing ovations, salutes to the fans from Davis, and post-games interviews that sounded like they were conducted in a tomb of good-byes.  The Orioles say they want to sign Davis and that he is a priority this off-season; but actions speak louder than words.  If Davis was really a priority, as soon as Davis hit his 40th home run of the season, Dan Duquette would have been on the phone with Davis’ agent, Scott Boras.  DD would have thrown a serious, $ 20-25 per year offer on the table, and talks would have began. Instead, no phone call was made, the season is now over, and Davis is giving his probable good-byes to the Camden Yard faithful on a chilly October night.  All the signs point to a Davis departure and nobody on this blue, green, and white marble believes that Davis will ever wear the Black and Orange again.

To me, it’s obvious that if the Birds don’t sign Davis, then they just don’t give a damn about winning.   The most prolific power hitter in baseball is in Baltimore, playing in a park that is tailor made for his pure power.  There isn’t a better place to play for Crush, and Crush wants to stay.  One could say it’s a perfect fit, until one takes into account the frugal nature of the Oriole organization.  The Birds seem about as likely to spend $150-160 on Chris Davis as they do putting forth a plan to give away free beer all next summer, but signing Davis needs to be a reality and not just mouth service from DD and Buck and the rest of warehouse.  Signing Crush shows us that the Orioles care.  Not signing him shows us that they are content to wallow in mediocrity – or worse.

The Orioles constantly talk about their “core” of players.  Any logical estimation of what players this core consists of would have to include Davis.  The core of Davis, Jones, Machado, and Schoop is a solid one – one that will produce wins for the next four to five seasons- if it remains intact.  Contending year in and year out means maintaining a financial commitment to young and accomplished players.  Davis is probably the best pure power hitter in baseball.  His craft was honed and cultivated here in Camden Yards.  It is imperative that the Orioles keep his talents here and that he remains a member of the Oriole “core”.

The Orioles make a lot of money.  Their owner, Peter Angelos is worth a gazillion dollars.  I am sick of hearing that the Orioles simply can’t afford players.  That’s bullshit.  And besides, winning makes dollars on its own. More wins = more money.  More money from attendance, merch, and advertising.  But in order to win and remain competitive, the Orioles have to keep their best players.  Again, Davis is obviously one of those players.  No offense to Steve Peace, but if he’s the only free agent that the O’s keep, and if he’s the clean up hitter on Opening Day 2016, then the Orioles aren’t going to win a lot of games.  You know that, the O’s know that, and hell, Steve Pearce knows that.

It’s time for the Orioles to show us that they really care about winning.  A few months ago I wrote that $15 million a year felt about right for Davis. But 47 home runs later, that isn’t going to do the deal.  I don’t care.  Pay the man his money.  Show us, the fans, that you really care.  I don’t care if the contract sucks for the team in 2020.  I don’t care if Davis hits 25 bombs a year from here on out and bats .240.  I don’t care.  I’d rather support a team that at least attempts and expects to win year in and year out than one that hopes to win every seven or eight seasons. Show Chris the money and show your fans some love, Orioles.  Because if you don’t, then the writing is on the wall for Machado, Schoop, Jones and even Buck.

Bottom line: if the Orioles are without Davis on Opening Day in 2016, then they’ll most likely be without me and my support too.  I hope for my sake a deal gets done, because I really want my home town baseball team to give a damn.



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  1. Well stated. Funny how Seattle managed to scarf up the money to sign some top of the line free agents (Canoe and Cruz) over the past two years. They were respecting their fan base by doing so, even if they didn’t have the core of players the Orioles do to build around. If the farm system was better, we wouldn’t have to rely on free agency for key players, but we are ranked as one of the worst in the Majors. Duquette and Buck inflate the value of their minor league players. Duquette will try to peddle us mediocrity throughout the off season, signing a mediocre starter like Ubaldo and promoting him as an ace.

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