If Michigan State Thinks These Uni’s Are Gonna Help Them Beat The Terps, They’ve Got Another Thing Coming

Sports and Bets — January 23, 2016 at 1:37 pm by



The Terps are on a mission this year, and I feel as good about this game as any game. Michigan State couldn’t beat us last year during the regular season, and that’s not changing this year. Although these uniforms are honestly pretty fucking sweet, they’re not enough to put the Terps out. Michigan State is on a three game losing streak, which is making a lot of people nervous because they’re due for a bounce back game, but the Terps came off a lackluster performance on Tuesday, and everytime they’ve been down this year, they’ve responded the next game. Maryland lost to Carolina, and responded with some hugely dominant wins over St. Francis and UConn. They put up a sorry performance against Penn State (even though they squeaked out a win), and responded by taking a dump on Northwestern later in the week. Last week Michigan pulled one out over the Terps, so they responded by pulling a 35-point win over Ohio State. The Terps got the win on Tuesday, but it took overtime to beat Northwestern at home, and was overall a weak performance by the whole squad. So what’s gonna happen tonight? Maryland gets a tough road win over the former number one overall. UMD by 5.




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