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If I were Ozzie Newsome I’d have a lot more money, two Super Bowl rings, and a bust in the Hall of Fame.  But I’m not Ozzie, I’m Babes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t break down the Ravens and pretend to be the wise old Wizard of Ozzie.  The Ravens are coming off their worst season in six years and I’m here to help.  So read on and enter Babes’ football fantasy land, where I am the GM of the Baltimore Ravens.

The Left Tackle Issue

First thing I’m doing is locking Eugene Monroe’s agent in a room and hammering out a term deal.  Left tackles are extremely hard to come by, especially for a team as consistently good as the Ravens.  That’s because any tackle coming out of the draft that has the potential to start at left tackle in the NFL is usually gone within the first ten picks.  The Ravens have had a top ten pick once in the past ten years and they traded it.  Also, the Ravens spent a fourth and fifth round pick to obtain Monroe, and to only get a half a year out if those two picks would be a huge waste.  Monroe is a top ten left tackle, ii’s now time to invest in the protection of our 120 million dollar quarterback.

The Daryl Smith Deal

Secondly ,we need to get Daryl Smith resigned to a year deal.  He was a huge catalyst for our defense last year, and his leadership and locker room presence is much needed.  He wants to be here and we want him here, that should make for an easy negotiation.

Thanks, But Bye-Bye 97

From that point on I’m going to allow all of our other free agents to test the market.  I would love to get Art Jones back but the reality is we can’t pay big money to a five technique guy when we’re already paying a boatload to Haloti Ngata.  Plus, it’s time to put the Ravens great drafting to work and allow Deanglo Tyson to step up and contribute.  That’s the economics of the game today.  Let Art Jones join the likes Paul Kruger, Danelle Ellerbe, Cary Williams, and Ben Grubbs as players cultivated by the Ravens, who then got to go on to huge pay days elsewhere.

Lock Up Torrey

Next, I would look to get an extension done with Torrey Smith.  Smith has one year left on his rookie deal and he has more than earned a term deal. The benefit of getting it done now is that you could probably get him for just a little more than what Dennis Pitta and Riley Cooper just got.  A year deal worth about $36 million is where I see Smith’s market value.  If the Ravens wait another year, they risk Smith breaking out and soaring out of their price range.  If the Ravens add a legit X receiver to play opposite Smith this year, the chances Smith breaks out are very high.

Mack and Byrd

When it comes to free agency, I would make a strong run at two top of the market players.  Center Alex Mack and free safety Jairus Byrd would be two big targets.  Mack would instantly solidify the interior of the offensive line, and Byrd would add playmaking ability to the end of an already formidable secondary.  The addition of Byrd would drastically increase the amount of takeaways the defense generates, and his presence would put the Ravens secondary in the conversation as the best secondary in football besides Seattle’s.  The Ravens have the twelfth most cap room in football, let’s use it.  The addition of those two players instantly puts us in contention for the AFC title.

E-Rock Ebron

When it comes to the draft, I’m warming up more and more to the idea of taking tight end Eric Ebron if he is there.  I’m sure they would field numerous trade calls if that scenario plays out, but taking him and pairing him with Pitta in Kubiak’s offense would be deadly for opposing defenses.  In fact, I feel it would rival the dominant days of Gronk and Aaron Hernandez in New England.  Yes wide out and tackle are bigger needs, but this draft class is very deep at receiver and in the first round you have to get a difference maker, and Ebron is exactly that.  The play action opportunities with those two tight ends on the field are endless.  The Ravens would just have to bring in another tight end who specializes in inline blocking to enhance the running game, as neither Pitta or Ebron are great blockers.  I have my eye on CJ Fiedorowitz from Iowa for that role in the middle rounds.

Put My Feet On My Oak Desk and Smoke a Stogie To Celebrate a Job Well Done

This chain of events would leave us with just one spot left to fill on the offensive line, add takeaway ability to our secondary, and significantly upgrade the weapons Joe Flacco would have to work with.  Sounds like a decent day at the office in Babes fantasy land.

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