If I Ruled The World

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Nas said back in ’96, and I’m saying it now. If I did in fact rule the world, these few changes would be implemented immediately.

Fans from other teams would be able to come to visiting stadiums and not worry about getting injured by assholes who don’t know how to have a good time. Maybe I’m being unrealistic, well I am, we’re talking about Babes ruling the world, but I don’t see why people can’t follow this one. I witnessed one of the most amazing football games Sunday and I had a row of Vikings fans behind me who were fucking awesome. Shout out to the guys in 146, we had a blast going back and forth with them. We razzed them and they did the same to us, but all in good fun. Everybody spends a shit ton of money to see their favorite team play, they deserve the right to enjoy it.

After every home Ravens win, everybody should experience a jukebox party at the downstairs bar of Looney’s in Canton Square. I think there is a video floating around as evidence of that. The phrase ultimate fun comes to mind.

I’ve figured out the solution to this huge problem facing NFL defensive backs. Just like a quarterback in the pocket, there needs to be a strike zone on defenseless receivers. Hits to the head and neck are illegal, along with hits below the thigh pads. That leaves the entire middle region of the body to strike by using a good old fashioned form tackle by wrapping your arms. This eliminates the head problem along with players fearing their knees being taken out. As it stands right now, hits to the knees are legal, and that’s fucking bullshit. It’s a bush league move for people who are supposed to be worried about each other’s safety. I’m not a Pats fan by any means, and although it may benefit the Ravens by Gronk going down, the NFL is not better for it. It’s quite the opposite, Gronk is one of the best players in the NFL, and fans aren’t going to get to see him display his abilities because of a hit that could have been avoided. Bottom line, don’t force defensive players to go low rather than high, create a strike zone.

I’m becoming more and more open to a Friday night NFL game every week. It showcases two more teams per week on national TV and would also open up another night to where a network could bid on the contract, which is more money for the NFL. More money from the networks could then help stabilize prices for the average NFL fan to enjoy a game experience without having to spend quite so much money. Realistically the NFL, and their money, would never help the fans, but remember this is Babes’ world.

And finally and completely unrelated to football, more people should do their Xmas shopping online! Traffic sucks constantly the entire month of December; wouldn’t you rather sit on the couch watching Christmas Vacation with your iPad on your lap?  If Babes ruled the world.

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