If I Buy Towson Season Tixs, Does It Mean I’m Addicted To Buying Season Tixs?

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Going to live sporting events is something most people enjoy now and then. Lately though, I have been taking that idea to the extreme, and my list of season ticket memberships is rapidly growing.  I’ve said before that I love going to sports on ALL levels, not just Ravens’ or Orioles’ games. So while my season ticket packages started with Ravens tickets and a moderate 13 game Orioles plan, I’m now at the point where I’ll buy season tickets to anything you offer them for. No, seriously. If Calvert Hall football gives me a good price on a ticket package you can count me in.


A few years ago I started buying Maryland Football season tickets, along with a three game pack to the Maryland B-ball games- and don’t forget the Aberdeen Iron Birds mini pack. Sure, that’s a lot of sporting events to get to, but not too much for the Chode to handle.

Now that brings me to my latest season ticket adventure, a full season of Towson Men’s Basketball tickets. How about those Tigers baby!!

With this latest purchase there is no question anymore that I clearly have a season ticket problem. But hey, I don’t give a damn. Especially when you’re talking about college and minor league sports. I live for that shit.  The lower level sports don’t get as much attention, but you are getting a much better bang for your buck compared to pro level sports. Now that Orioles season is over, and the Ravens only play one day a week, what the hell else is there to do?  Happy hour and a Towson B-Ball game is going to be a damn good time on a random Wednesday night in January. Let’s not forget about the coeds on campus that come with the college games either.

I look at my season ticket addiction like this. Women spend unnecessary money on purses and high heels everyday.  I prefer to spend that stupid money on my local sports, and I mean ALL my local teams. So let’s fo Tigers! Chode will be first row with you for every game this season, so you know its going to be fun.

Did I mention the Towson Dance Team…..forget the hoops. I can watch a pick up game anywhere in Baltimore.  These hots at half time are the real selling point.

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