If A Video Surfaces Of Peterson Beating The Snot Out Of His Kid, Will He Be Banned From The NFL Too?

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Just wondering.  Adrian Peterson got re-instated by the Vikings this afternoon and has been cleared to play against the Saints on Sunday.  The Vikings deactivated Peterson for their Week Two contest after he was indicted on reckless or negligent injury to a child.  He has since turned himself in and been released (obviously).

There are some similarities between this case and the Ray Rice elevator incident case:

There is visual evidence of the aftermath of the assault.

ap beatdown

Adrian Peterson is saying all the right things.

And the NFL is waiting.

The difference is that Adrian Peterson was “disciplining” his child.  Is beating a tiny four year old kid with a tree branch until he bleeds and scars on his legs and back discipline? In Adrian Peterson’s mind it is.  And a lot of people agree with him. But if he had disciplined a different four-year-old for the same offense, one that wasn’t of Peterson’s flesh and blood, would those people feel the same way? And if they saw Adrian Peterson beat his kid with a stick on video would these people feel the same way still, or would they react in horror like they did in the Rice case?

If Adrian Peterson whipped another kid with a stick or whipped you with a stick on your legs and back until you bled or got scars, it would be assault, pure and simple.  But since it’s his own kid, people call it discipline.

Fuck that.

Adrian Peterson looks like this.

ap look


Four Year Old Kids Look Like This.

ap kid 2

ap kid 1

What he did to his boy ain’t right, I don’t give a shit what anybody says.

Hit yourself with a long and freshly cut tree branch on the leg as hard as you can.  How does that feel?

Adrian Peterson is ten times stronger than you.

ap stronger

Now does all this mean that AP is an evil person, or does it just mean that he just doesn’t know any different because that’s how he was raised?  I don’t know, it’s probably and hopefully the latter, but that still doesn’t make what he did right.

But there’s no video of him whaling away on his kid.  No video of the screams and tears.  No video of the little boy’s terrified face. No video of a big and ripped NFL player beating the shit out of a four year old with a damn stick. Just pictures of the aftermath.  But that’s not enough to keep Adrian Peterson off of the field on Sunday.  But there’s a video of Ray Rice hitting his lady, so he isn’t playing on Sunday.

And I’m not saying that Ray should be playing on Sunday either.  I’m just saying that if the NFL is going to play moral police, they need to be consistent, even if there is no video.  And that goes for beating kids as well as women.

(New reports are surfacing that Peterson hit another one of his kids, leaving a facial scar.)




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  1. The Ray Rice thing was first an under-reaction covered up by lies. Then a complete overreaction. His suspension should have been 6 games from the start. Plus with Rice the government let him go. They are waiting to see what the courts do this time. The mother could be a gold digger. It is still not clear who charged him. Though hitting the boy with the stick in this case was excessive. Everyone is different. Some of those guys believe the tough love kept them out of jail.

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